Connor’s Eagles Hat FO Friday #37

My niece asked me to make an Eagles hat for her new little one. I got the yarn from WEBS a few weeks ago and just now got to it. I had to knock off a style she liked from some options I gave her. This is the finished product.


The good news: It worked. I had to alter the main portion to make it smaller for a baby sized head, but overall I like it. The bad news: I did the earflaps in St st and they just want to curl! I did 4 rows of garter by picking up around the lower edge, but it doesn’t help much. So, future renditions of this hat will have a different earflap construction. The photo on the right, in the photo on the right, is of the baby boy. Now he can hang with his Dad, while watching the Eagles get beat, in style. Hubster will be seeing them soon, so he will have to deliver the hat. Wonder if I could get a wrapped Christmas present in his carry-on too?

Praises to God for the lack of serious injury for my brother. He was in a head on collision with a lady who might have had a diabetic black out. His car is totaled, the entire right front side is gone. Just glad she didn’t hit the drivers side. He says he is now feeling the hurt, but after the accident he wasn’t even planning on going to the ER! He was going to go back to work! Men.

OK, head over to Tami’s for FO Friday. I am off to start some party prep and do laundry. Thursday was cleaning day, today is for getting serving pieces prepped, and then Saturday is for waiting until the caterer arrives with food and the party commences. This is our annual party for the guys, and their wives, he directs at the power plant. There will be around 24 total, about the same as last year. We usually do two meats and then everyone carries in something. This year we are going easy! My friend is doing Prime Rib, a chicken dish, Au gratin potatoes, and a veggie medley. And then she is doing an assortment of finger desserts. Brownies, bars, cakes, can’t wait!


16 thoughts on “Connor’s Eagles Hat FO Friday #37

  1. Thank goodness your brother is ok, oh my! That does sound like a typical response from a man though, shake it off and go off to work :-P. Nice work on the hat, it’s adorable! I love how absolutely any pattern is just THAT much more cute in baby size!

  2. The hat and baby are totally adorable! And PHEW – your brother was so “lucky” to have come away without major injury!

    Thanks for you comment on my blog – in response, I have made only one little bear as it’s technically for their tree rather than for one or other child, so they are both happy that it’s going on the tree and no squabbling – hoorah!

    Have a lovely weekend, enjoy your party xx

  3. I love the hat, the colours and pattern are gorgeous! And I think the curling earflaps won’t matter so much once it’s actually being worn.

    And yikes, I’m glad your brother is all right. I hope his healing and new-car-finding process isn’t too bad.

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