Knittin’ til the Cowls come home!

Corny, I know. But, what can you do. I have been trying to get a cowl done to gift to Younger’s Asst Prin. The Prince is getting felted clogs and the Princess will get a cowl. I had some Claudia handpaint on hand, no label to confirm my suspicions that it is sportweight. Online it says the sport weight only comes in 50 gram hanks. This skein was 100 grams. Oh well. I knit the Honey Cowl on the smaller stitch count and knit until I was out of yarn. Finished size is 22″x9″. Hopefully it will scrunch or wrap to her liking. Not being a cowl person, I really can’t say which sizes work best. Long to wrap, or short to lay close to the neck.

Due to the nature of variegated yarns, you never know what you will get from knitting with them. I tried to knit this as St st. But the mix didn’t appeal. I tried a linen st, not any better. The Honey Cowl is like a Rev St st Linen st. Almost. This st created a neat effect. Half of it appears striped, the other half not.

Less striped
Least striped

I am likely the only one it would bother, but then, I am a little OCD when it comes to symmetry and matching. OK, not a little bit, a lotta bit. Which is why, knitting this sweater took a lot of effort to match all the pieces. I will remake that sweater some day, not using Silk Garden, and match it all up again. The Silk Garden just grew until it was much to loose and sloopy. I traded the sweater for some new yarn, Alpaca With A Twist! Still need to make something with that yarn.

Hope all of your Christmas plans are falling in place. We had our company dinner here, catered by my friend Joy. It was wonderful! Prime Rib so tender and moist. Side dishes to compliment and desserts to delight. Everyone had a great time. Even the dogs loved it. All that attention. Maybe we need to train them to be less attention seeking. A few guests were targets of much love and affection. Cooper practically lived in one guy’s lap. In Cooper’s defense, Jay WAS sitting in his spot on the couch.

Now, off to get chili going so I can head to Younger’s cheering later. Tournament game time for girl’s basketball. Good Luck Jets!


One thought on “Knittin’ til the Cowls come home!

  1. I agree with you about variegated yarns but in the cowl you seem to have found a stitch that shows off the color variations well. Have a great Christmas.

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