Progress is being made, but will I meet my goal

Every year I swear I will do no Christmas knitting. So, how am I doing this year? 4 gifts knit, 3 more to go! The current one needs to be done by Monday. So far this is what I have done.

Sirdar Bolero #8

This one is being knit with Yarn Daze Sport yarn, I love this yarn!! It’s not as pink as it appears, more purpley. So, one front, the back, and one sleeve almost done. That leaves; one front, one sleeve and one extremely insanely long collar to knit. All to be knit, blocked, and sewn by Monday. I am shooting for one piece a day. I started this on Monday. So far, fail. The sleeve had to be abandoned last night due to the intense Semi Final games we were at. Younger’s school is playing for the Championship Game at both the JV and Varsity levels tonight. I plan to get this sleeve done today and start on the right front. No way could I churn out another sleeve with two more games to watch tonight. As long as I can block the current pieces now and then add the others as they get done I should be ready to sew it up by Saturday morning, leaving me Sunday to knit the collar on. Then a light wash and dry on Monday for gifting Monday night. Fingers crossed I stick to my guns.

Then a cowl by Dec 25th and a hat by Dec 23rd will see my knitting done. Today is also for getting the yarn for the hat. I need a sport/DK and a worsted weight yarn to use together. knocking off a design I saw somewhere, a hat inside a hat. I know, I should just buy the pattern, but the concept is neat and I can figure it out on my own, so I will take the cheap way out.

Lookie what I got. A free tape measure for uploading some stash yarns at a site I am beta testing.

I am always misplacing my tape measure. Maybe if I have one in each room of the house, my purse AND my knitting bag I won’t be caught out without one?

OK, that sleeve won’t get finished with me on here yapping. I hope your Christmas plans are falling into place. I have half the shopping left to do and need to prep for Christmas Eve at our house. A run to the grocery is #1 on the list today. Even though we likely won’t be eating at home with the next few days of madness. But still, for those times we are here, it would be nice to have food to eat!


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