Versatile Hat/Cowl FO #40

Didn’t want to load up one entry with too many photos. Not my own idea, borrowed from somewhere.



Worsted weight Superwash from Cascade. Made for my cousin’s little one who is in kindergarten. School colors. Hoping it fits his little head well. The rubber band will be replaced with a hair band. Just need to find one that hasn’t been used in a daughter’s hair. It probably can be twisted and fit his head without need of a fastener, but just in case. I can see I should have retaken the 2nd photo up top. It should show the right side of the blue portion, not the wrong side. I just didn’t bother to redo the rubber band, I only flipped it. Oh well, it will have to come with instructions!

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9 thoughts on “Versatile Hat/Cowl FO #40

  1. That’s such a neat idea! Instead of rubber band or hair band, you can also use a twisted tie or i-cord, just tie from the outside or poke some holes to thread it through. Merry Christmas!

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