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WIP Wednesday #24

A new FO will be revealed Friday, plus one that didn’t get much play time last week. So that means I had to find a new project. But the fortune cookie from dinner the other night guilted me into revisiting a lingering WIP. Keefely Mittens were started on Christmas Day last year. Maybe it’s time to finish them. They lingered during Winter and then I put them away since there was no reason to finish them in time for Summer. Of course, now it’s Winter and I need them! With only one hand left to do I should be able to get them done before it turns to 2012.

Maybe. if I don’t bog down on the thumb that is. I hate doing the thumb in vertical stripes!!! I should have just done it solid. In the space of a few hours I was able to get 15 rows knit. Only 70 more to go! That means, if I knit a bunch over the next few days, I could have these done by Thursday night. Just in time for the temps to get to high 50’s! Right now it is 31!!!

These will be my 3rd pair of Keefely Mittens. Maybe I should find a different pattern to make the next pair from? I have used some Ultra Alpaca ordered from Elann ages ago. I got 2 skeins of about 8 different colors. The first pair I did were these lovely purple ones. Next were the peach/cream pair. I botched the cuff on that pair, but the recipient would never know and she loved them. The colors on this one are two shades of teal. The lighter one isn’t gray as the photo seems to suggest. I will have to try and get a daylight photo sans flash to show a truer color.

OK, that’s it for me. Look for 2, maybe 3 FOs on Friday. And then I am ready with a clean slate for 2012 knitting. The year of me knitting. Shawls for sure, and sweaters for maybe! Of course, we are not going to speak of the 5-6 items in progress from 4-5 years ago. They are stashed in the closet, waiting for attention. Maybe they will make it out of hibernation, we will see.

Head over to Tami’s to see what else is progressing!


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