FO Friday #39*

FO #39 sees another Bolero. This the 3rd bolero from the Sirdar 1646 pattern I have made this year. This is the 8th one total since I started using this pattern. I love it! One recipient’s grandmother said she wants one for herself. LOL.

This one is using another sport weight yarn. Which is usually how I make this pattern. It’s written for DK, but I sub in Sport using the numbers from a pattern 2 sizes larger and the length from the correct size. This time it might be a little larger than planned, but that just means it will get used eventually. Better to grow into it than to be too little to start.

The yarn is a new fav, Yarn Daze!!! I picked this up at my favorite not so local shop. The color is Coneflower, a fav flower of mine. The softness of this yarn once washed is to die for!!! Now I wish it was for me too! This is the first time I have used a non solid yarn. It works.

This post was originally posted last week, but it got no air time, so I am reposting it. This is why the following makes no sense.

*The WIP from Wed is 3/4 done, so just a bit more to finish it off before tomorrow night. Which is our first Christmas celebration. This one is the funnest. It involves my Dad’s side of the family.

All the aunts, uncles, cousins (my generation), our kids, and in some cases their kids (I have two much older cousins), and our spouses. Between 45-50 people can show up. Whew! The best part of the evening, besides the food, is the exchange between the cousins, and now some of our kids are taking part. They have given up getting presents from my Mom’s generation to take part in a gag gift exchange. It’s that much fun! Some of the past gifts have been a bra ball, Amish figure set, white, fiber optic, fake Christmas Tree with huge plastic ornaments, a snowman who sings about going to the potty. We take turns picking a wrapped item and no one is allowed to open it until all the presents are out. I know you’re supposed to open them and then people steal them, but we have more fun waiting until the last one’s taken to see what we got. We are allowed to steal the package until the last one is taken, but no one gets to see what they have until then. It’s funny to see which package gets all the attention, there is always one that everyone steals at some point. And then to see what it actually is, too funny!

I hope this season you have that one event that just makes your Christmas. At this point, we only have 2 more presents to get and we are done. There’s still 2 days to get that wrapped up, so no sweat. Now, off to knit. I still have 3 items I want to get done after this last gift. Hopefully I can get them done before the end of the month and thus finish out 2011 with no hangovers. Forget all the WIPs that have been lurking since years before. It only matters if it’s from this year. Right?*

I am currently knitting on one of the above mentioned items, stranded mittens. Another item is done and will be revealed next week. I won’t likely get to the cowl I want to make my Mom. I will start it as soon as the mittens are done, but it likely won’t be done by year’s end. Oh well, it will get done in the end. I just need to decide which skein of Fleece Artist Merino to use. I have two different colorways in the 2/6, but they are similar in colors. I did plan to use the two on a shawl, to mix up the color, but maybe I will just make two separate cowls with them. We’ll see what I end up doing.

Now, hop over to Tami’s to see what everyone else has finished this week.


8 thoughts on “FO Friday #39*

  1. I definitely understand why you’ve made so many of these, it looks great—love the ruffles and single-button style, and the yarn you used for this one is lovely. I’m not usually a pink fan, but it works here! (And now I’m drooling at the Yarn Daze website…)

  2. Love it when I come across a pattern that I just have to make multiples of; I always get “Another one?” from Husband 🙂 The bolero looks awesome. Happy New Year!!

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