Happy New Year!!

I am likely partying, or waiting for the party to end so I can go to sleep! Party is at my house tonight, and what better way to ring in the New Year than at home so I don’t have to drive!

To close out 2011 I will recap my knitting this past year. I finished 42 items this year. Don’t ask how many I started, but I can say, nothing has been left undone. Those other items I started where either ripped or re-purposed. And I even finished a 2010 UFO!!! And it was the last FO of the year. My Keefely Mittens were done well before the New Year rang in. And to prevent having a UFO from 2011 hang over to 2012 I didn’t start anything new on Dec 31st. But I really need to get going cause I got a baby vest to get done before Jan 25th! If he even waits until then to show up. But I digress.

Favorite Knit Item of 2011: Citron. I had the lace weight yarn specially dyed to reflect some of my favorite colors. Except for wishing it had a bit more length, this is perfect. Light and airy, but enough comfort when you need it.

Least Favorite Knit Item of 2011: Mystery Shawl. I don’t usually take part in mystery knits because I end up not liking them at all. I should wait until they are done and I can see the finished item. Or just go with designers whose work I know. This on had no value beyond the first clue. I ended up changing much and didn’t like it when done. So it went to live somewhere else.

Of the 42 items I knit this year, only 9 reside with me. All others live with someone else. Next year I hope to flip that ratio. More living with me, less going out the door.

Most unusual thing I knit? A baby sack. Which evolved into this.

Most fun knit? This shawl, although, after a while it became a drudge, but at first it was fun to see the striping take shape.

And most dear item? A crocheted blanket to duplicate the one I made for the Mom of a new baby. My cousin’s daughter received the same blanket when she was born. It was just natural that I made one for her baby. Let’s hope it becomes as dear to her as the one I knit her mom. She still has pieces of it hidden in her closet. She took it everywhere with her.

I started the year with about 90,000 yds of fiber. Through knitting and donation I have whittled that down to about 73,000 yds. That means I knit/crocheted up about 17,000 yds. At this rate, with no additions coming in of the fiber variety, it will take me a bit over 4 years to knit up the stash. I knit up the equivalent of 93 skeins of yarn. The dirty secret is, I bought 17,867 yds of fiber in 91 skeins this past year. So, actually, for the year I am in the hole about 800 yds. Ouch! Need to work on that next year. I will officially start the year off with 73,302 yds of yarn contained in 411 full/partial skeins. We’ll see where I end up at the end of the year.

So, that’s a recap of 2011. Maybe next week I will write a post on my 2012 plans and goals. But then, if I put them in print, I might be held to them. LOL! Looking at my queue I see 30 items that would use up 19,000 yds. But most are my size sweaters or large shawl. Is it doable?


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