No WIP Wednesday

Because I keep finishing things! So, this is a plan-to-start post with an FO too.

Plan to start: Since I finished the current knit at 11:00 pm Tuesday, I don’t have a WIP. But, I plan to start the Summer Shawlette from Wendy’s blog. I already have the yarn ready, the pattern printed, and the needles, so cast on will commence today. I am making a larger version, since I have 800 yds of the Yarn Daze Fingering, so hello major counting job!

And, since I have 3 FOs to show, I will do one today, one Friday and then hold one back for next week. Today’s FO comes from the lovely Through The Loops blog. Cladonia is a lovely shawl that uses two colors. You are supposed to stripe it, but the purple I chose to contrast my orange skein, was too close to the purple in the orange variegated Koigu. So I just used the variegated on the body and saved the purple for the lace edge. I love the shape! Not too happy with the color placement, but it will grow on me.

I purchased the Koigu while in San Fran on our trip. It was the best thing about the trip! No, really. LOL. Having a lot of orange and a little purple in my closet, this item will get a lot of wear. I plan to wear it today to show off. As soon as I change out of these pajamas! I really need to reblock one edge of this. It was too big to fit on my blocking board, so one corner is not as defined as it could be. I doubt anyone would noticed, but I know it.

Left side is left hanging

Now, go check out what other knitters have been other working on at Tami’s.


10 thoughts on “No WIP Wednesday

  1. Don’t you hate it when you know you have to redo something, even though you are the only one who will notice? I love your version of this shawl. I think you were right not to stripe the body, the variegation gives it more than enough interest.

  2. I really like how the edging picks up the variegations in the main body, and the lace is beautiful. I know just what you mean about having to do things only you can see – it doesn’t matter if no one else notices, if it’s going to bug you, you have to sort it out!

  3. That is just beautiful! With that purple matching so well to your variegated yarn, you definitely made the right choice using it for the lace, it’s great!

  4. In response to your comment on my blog…I know what you mean! I feel the same way about seed stitch. My third project ever was a baby blanket made up entirely of seed stitch…and I cringe everytime I think about doing it.

    Your shawl is drop dead gorgeous. Seriously. Love it so much. I have yet to knit with Koigu and now I want to.

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