FO #42

And the last FO of 2011. I started these mittens in 2010 on Christmas Day. Would have been great to have finished them on Christmas Day 2011, but they lingered on until Dec 30th. Just in time for some cold weather to hit. And then some warm weather to hit. It’s been hit or miss on wearing these lately. Hopefully we will keep some cool temps so I can wear them more.

Keefely Mittens from Handknit Holidays

I am honored to know the designer from my past knitting life. When I was on a yahoo list and from Stitches Midwest. Jolene is a lovely person, always smiling and has wonderful stories to tell.

I think the first mitten took me about 2 weeks to compete and the 2nd one took 1 week. So, did it take me over a year to knit these, or just 3 weeks? LOL!

In ruminating on knitting yesterday I ponder this issue: Are there knitting stitches or patterns you just cannot stand!!! I know, most people say purling, but I mean st patterns as in Seed St, Feather and Fan, Ribbing, etc. I do not jump for joy to rib, and yet, I don’t mind Seed St, but I cannot stand Feather and Fan.

My reasons for it are from early in my knitting life. I did a blanket for Hubster’s Grandmother in FnF. It was only a lap throw, but it drug on and took forever!!!! Because of that experience I detest FnF. Can’t stand to knit it, can’t stand to see it. And maybe, it reminds me too much of some crochet afghan patterns.

I also dislike crochet. I can do it, will use it when I have to, but prefer anything to crochet. TO ME (qualifier here, this is just my feeling) it is icky, yucky, gag me with a spoon ugly. That’s just my opinion. Yes, there are some lovely things that are made with crochet. But I just can’t get into it. I crocheted all through my teens and sometimes in my 20’s. I don’t enjoy doing it, due to my right hand dominance that refuses to allow my left hand to hold yarn with any skill. Bad right hand! But it isn’t just the strain on my hand when trying to crochet. I just don’t care for the fabric it makes. Please don’t judge me because I don’t like crochet. I am not judging your work or your skill, maybe I am judging the craft as a whole, which is hard to separate oneself from. And definitely some of the ugly things that have been created in the past turn my stomach. I am just saying it’s not for me. Just as some like Brussel Sprouts, and others detest them, we all have our opinions.

So, what do you truly detest in the fiber world? Macrame? Cross-stitch? Knitting? Needlepoint?

OK, after being pissed off by my denunciation of crochet, head over to Tami’s and see what wonderful knit and crochet items others have finished this week.


12 thoughts on “FO #42

  1. Not po’ed at all! It’s not for everyone. I know people who hate crochet and I know people who hate knitting. I actually like both and do both on a regular basis. I will say this, when it comes to garments, knitting is preferable to crochet, for me anyway. Knitting just seems to make a nicer fabric. However I do like to crochet bibs, hats and scarves. I just did a lovely crocheted Infinity scarf for my grandmother and I crocheted her a pair of fingerless mitts. I like crocheted Christmas ornaments too. What stitch do I detest? I HATE the seed stitch! I haven’t tried too many different stitches, I’m still learning but that one I hate to do. I made my daughter a seed stitch hat and I vowed not to do it again. (I cross stitch and needle point too, haven’t tried macrame since I was a kid.)

  2. Right now I am struggling with p2togTBL – argh! I have also had issues with nupps. I reserve crocheting for afghans – don’t think the fabric is very wearable – but I have seen some patterns that may change my mind. I used to do counted cross-stitch, but my eyes are too old now, plus it seems boring compared to other fiber crafts, like paint-by-number.

    Love those mittens, BTW!

  3. Thanks for your comment! I shall deny all my bad photography in future, and just call it ‘edgy’ ;D

    I have to say, that I used to feel the same way about knitting that you do about crochet. Having taught myself to knit last autumn, I still don’t love it, but I can at least do it, which is helping me get over some of my dislike – I’m finding that having things I *want* to make means I can put up with the fact that knitting makes my hands hurt (er, I know it shouldn’t, but my technique is still a work in progress!). For me, it’s all about the pattern rather than the craft, and like knitting, you can make dozens of different kinds of fabrics with crochet. But I’m also biased because I find the old-style ugly knitting and crochet patterns funny rather than horrible – I have a collection of hideous pattern books that cheers me up no end!

    Your mittens are gorgeous! Hope you get some cold weather to wear them in 🙂

  4. I love your mittens! They are lovely.
    I dislike seed stitch. Mine never looks even. I always end up knitting it really tightly in an effort to have it look better but that just makes it worse.

  5. I laughed at your assessment of time – did it take a year or only 3 weeks?? Whenever a project has been on the back burner for scads of time and then it only takes me a smidgen to finish it up, I have this same thought!! Anyway, the mittens are very nice and they look warm and soft as well!

    I just learned crochet about a year and a half ago. Your opinion of crochet does not bother me at all :o) As far as fiber goes, I simply cannot stand loom knitting – you know, those little round peg looms that you wind the yarn around and then lift the bottom loop over the top one – EGAD!! That said, I did make one hat from one of these looms last year and lo and behold, that is a favorite of my 6 year old – he is begging for another one – ick – am I a bad mom if I just make him a regular knit one??

  6. Your mittens are beautiful, lovely colours. I learnt to crochet before I learnt to knit, but now I very rarely do it, only if there is a good reason (like a very cute niece). I definitely prefer knitting by miles

  7. Lovely mittens- but why are you (and most other knitters) in such a hurry for the cold weather to hit? It’s Indiana, we may have snow in June!

  8. I love those mittens – they’re beautiful!

    I, too, don’t like feather and fan. I suppose it looks nice enough but it’s definitely a pain to knit. I used to hate crochet, but I’ve definitely grown a bit of a fondness for it, although knitting is still most important to me!

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