Happy Monday to you

I hope your day is going well. It’s a holiday in the states, so no school for the children. Which means Mom duty for me. Blech! I should only have to be at work 3-bedtime M-F and all day on weekends, except when I can get out of it! LOL. At least they are at the stage where they do not need 100% supervision.

With the blustery wind and cold temps, I am thinking it’s a cooped up in the house all day kind of day. Even Cooper isn’t begging to be outside 24/7. He is watching out the back door though, just in case some person/animal/piece of debris/troll decides to invade the back yard. He’s excellent at keeping away trolls.

The weekend was spent being lazy and watching Harry Potter DH 1 and 2. I knit while watching. Or, on Sunday, I continually tinked and knit while watching. I finally got on track and I am close to the armhole shaping on the back of Plum. This piece is so whack-a-doodle I can’t believe the designer ever came up with the shape! Check it out. The first version they show is the way I see the back as I knit it, if that makes any sense. You can see the front sides wrapping to the back on either side, where the ribbing changes direction.

So far I am not completely bored with this, how could I be with all the shaping and twisted and increase/decrease knitting! I just hope my wrists, fingers, and hands hold up. I may have to switch to Mocha today to relieve the hands. I changed the placement of the YOs for the center sts. I hated the 3 sts along the center line. Also on the edges I redid the YOs to prevent the 4 sts edging. I am just OCD like that.

Last week I received a case I ordered from Patternworks. It was a good price and I thought it would be great to store my growing supply of WEBs interchangeable needles. Well, it stores them, but not as I would like. The pockets are not secured and once you fold it up and try to take it along you have to be aware of the way it is laying. The needles just want to slide out of the pockets. Now, granted, this is supposed to be for secured crics, not interchangeable circs. But still, I wish it wasn’t so touchy. I guess it will just have to lay on my bookcase at home and only travel occasionally. So far I haven’t lost anything out of it, but who knows, it might happen. I will try to figure out an easy way to close the tops of the pockets. Zippers would be great, but no way I could get them sewn in at this point.

It’s still pretty, even if it’s not what I needed. I guess I should have just ordered a case from WEBs.


2 thoughts on “Happy Monday to you

  1. Hey Chris! Sounds like you are busy as always. I couldn’t get the link to work so I’ll have to look at it at home. Whatever it is, I like the color. I like your shawl too. The changes to your blog are nice, like the color. Try stick on velcro for the pockets. Maybe two small pieces on each pocket to keep things from falling out?

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