WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

Well, I haven’t gotten any further on the two items I have been knitting on lately, so I have nothing to show you today. Well, I did have something I started on Tuesday, but, I finished it! It was a very quick knit that was requested by my niece. She is headed back to college next week, so I needed to get it done ASAP. Check back Friday for the FO.

To keep you from boredom I will show you the most cuteness you could ever want!

Mini Cooper in the front and Notre Dame in the back. And they’re both sleeping on my blankets! One blanket is a new one I just got for Christmas. Silly dogs. iNDy is the older dog, my boy. He can always be found at my feet. Cooper is the puppy lover, always wanting to be by my side. But he’s just as content to be on Daddy’s lap.

And a piece of advice for those with trampolines. Don’t trust concrete blocks to keep it in your yard during a bad storm. Ours ended up in a neighbor’s backyard pool this past year after a horrible storm. Well, today I made sure to secure it before the storm hit. Evidently the damage done to it with its last flight left it prone to disengaging from the legs, so the legs weighted down with the blocks stayed put, but the rest of it ended up at the back of our yard. I am just very glad it didn’t end up in another neighbor’s pool! Cause this time it would have damaged a pool cover and who knows what else. I am ready to trash it, but Hubster doesn’t want to buy a new one and our youngest uses it a lot. So, we’ll see how stable it will be after it’s 2nd flight.

Now, head over to Tami’s for some real progress.


5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. It must be pretty scary to see that trampoline flying through the air. I’m glad it didn’t do any damage.
    The dogs look so comfortable. My dog always loves to curl up on any blanket he can find.

  2. Our poor TV aerial was a wreck after gale force winds last night. DH spent about an hour up on the roof today in -10°C … bolting it through the roof into the attic with 6″ screws. We’ll see!

    The dogs sure look relaxed. Most days I think the pets have it about right!

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