WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday #3

Progress is being made on all the current WIPs.

First up: Mocha

Summer Mystery Shawlette

I have made some changes, not working to the best, but I will live with it.

Back close to completion on Plum:

Inversion Theory Cardigan

And lastly, the new knitting, Mattson:

Ashton Shawlette

I am actually enjoying the Plum cardigan, even with all the twists and turns, increases and decreases. Mocha is decreasing so it’s getting better. Ashton is going quick, but that will fade as the rows get larger. But I still want to cast on something new!! I need something mindless like a hat in the round. Something that doesn’t involve thinking and counting! Maybe I need to check the queue and see if anything fits that bill. That way I can cover all the times I want to knit, no matter what my level of concentration.

Please keep some dear people in your prayers. A friend lost her Mom last week, so she is dealing with the pain of her loss. Another friend just had surgery on her thyroid, not sure of all the ins and outs of it, but she came through well. And last, my cousin’s daughter dislocated her shoulder at our cheer/dance exhibition last night. The first stunt of the routine and it went. She knew it right away. Thing is, this is the 3rd or 4th time(?), only it’s always been the other shoulder that separates. Now it looks like she will be having issues with both shoulders.

All the middle school cheer and dance teams did a great job. So much fun to watch their enthusiasm. But nerve-wracking when they do all the stunts and tumbling. Thankfully no one else was hurt.

And now, off to Tami’s to check out the other WIPs going on.


5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday #3

  1. That cardigan is going to be a stunner. Love the pattern. You are making terrific progress on your shawls. I envy your ability to keep track of so many complicated patterns at once. But I agree that a simple one makes a nice change of pace. Your friends will be in my thoughts.

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