Truth On Tuesday

Truth On Tuesday #5

I forgot to explain my madness. At some point last year I decided to document my stash. Not to brag about it, cause I am sure there are many who have larger stashes. But, to know what I had. To find things that matched yardage needed to knit a certain pattern. To know what weights I had on hand. To know just how deep my stash was. The biggest thing I learned was, I had way too much stuff to justify ever buying another skein of yarn! Which isn’t good for helping yarn stores stay open. Now, that knowledge doesn’t stop me from buying new, but it will hopefully temper my buying.

I have an Excel spreadsheet set up with lots of columns. I record the yarn name and color info, # of skeins, the yardage per skein, the gauge, the needle size, the total # of yardage on hand, and then the yardage I use up. Also on this spreadsheet I designate what yarn has been purchased in that year’s file. Another fact is the yardage knit within a current month.

I have it color coded per weight so it’s easy to see what I have in that weight. I have way too many designations and facts recorded, but that’s just me. AR/OCD/GEEK?

I love to see the number of total yardage dwindle ever so slowly. I hate to see it jump up a bunch when I go on a purchase spree, although I do love bringing those new yarns home! LOL. On the blog I keep track of the stash on the side bar. I show the yardage bought, knit, and the current balance of the stash. I also have the totals for last year’s stash. That was a bad year. I didn’t quite knit up as much yarn as I bought. That is another fact that is spurring a low buying goal for this year. Due to baby knitting, and lack of variety in baby yarns in the stash, I know I will buy this year. But I will try to keep it down to vital yarn and not splurge too much. It’s a goal, not a rule. So, that is the method to my madness. What’s yours?

Yarn Added This Week:

  • 0 yards added this week!!!

My streak is still going. Of course, not needing to buy any yarn for a specific project helps. But who knows what lies around the corner, so I need to stay vigilant and not succumb to any lures sent out by WEBs, Knit Witts in Brookline MA, or any of the shops I have connections to on FB. Oh, and Atkinson’s, my biggest lure!

Yarn Knit This Week:

  • 101 yards of Heritage knit into Mattson Shawl as of Feb 13th
  • 114 yards of Classic Wool knit into Plum as of Feb 13th
  • Total of 215 yards knit as of Feb 13th

So, that brings my Weekly total to:

  • 215 – 0  = +215!!

My YTD total is

  • 1928 yards knit – 3671 yards purchased = -1833 yards

2 thoughts on “Truth On Tuesday #5

  1. I admire your discipline. I might be even inspired to do the same thing. I used to track things on ravelry but that was more work than it was worth. A spreadsheet is sortable, which is helpful. Setting up my new yarn closet helped a lot because i can see things now, but the spreadsheet would be even better. Now we’ll see if good intentions pan out.

  2. You are doing great! You are not a geek/ocd or whatever, I think it’s an intelligent way to keep track of what you have. I sincerely need to do that myself. I have a lot of yarn, by no means a huge stash but a lot and that would be a great way to keep track and plan what I want to make with the yarn I have. I have started trying to do that on Ravelry but I find I don’t get on there so much right now and it’s not a help. I am thinking, if I did a spreadsheet like yours and then added to it a column that had the name of the pattern I have in mind for the yarn, that will help me work toward my goals of the things I want to make. Of course, that means keeping my hinney out of the computer chair and sitting in my comfy chair working away. Thanks for the idea. I will have to play around and get something worked up. The best thing is, I have a kindle and can load the patterns I want to make on it so I can have them at a touch and not have to kill more trees to print them out!

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