WIP Wednesday

WIPs on Wednesday #4

Wow, seems like I should have more than 4, but in review, I haven’t always posted on Wednesday. Just not willing to work it that hard I guess, LOL. This week I am close to finishing something, so I thought I would at least post how tenuous this finish just might be. I offer this evidence:

There is very little yarn left on that skein. I still have 5 more rows and a bind off row to go! Eek! Will I have enough? Check back on Friday to see. Now, if I don’t, which is actually the norm for me, I will just use some leftover fingering weight yarn to complete the project. I have some navy I could use. But hopefully, I won’t have to resort to that.

The last few evenings the dogs and I have been watching the dog show. Well, Cooper and I have been watching it. He is too funny!! He was licking my TV screen all night long! iNDy doesn’t seem to notice. Cooper has done this on commercials with dogs, on America’s Funniest Videos, even on a show where they were showing a donkey. He barked and charged the TV on that one. Most of the time he has lain on the ottoman and just watched the dogs. So cute.

Now that the 2nd shawl for 2012 is nearly done, I need to focus on the current sweater so I can at least get it close to done in the 2 month time span I was allotting. But I fear it might spill over into March. Considering the huge collars it has, I very sure it will take up most of March! I will have to find a quick sweater to make in April to keep up with my goals. 12 shawls and half of 12 sweaters in 2012. Plus little things I feel like making here and there.

And also, plan on which pattern to use for shawl #3. I am leaning towards TGV. I have two skeins of Mochi Plus in a stripe and two in a solid to compliment. The pattern says you can use whatever weight, just be mindful of starting the border when you use up half your yarn. That would be easy to determine. But, which way to use the yarn. Two skeins of stripe in the garter portion or the ribbed border? kOr, alternate the two colors every other row? I may have to swatch it to see what I like best.

OK, enough of my rambling. Check out Tami’s for those stalwart bloggers who are faithful on Wednesday.


3 thoughts on “WIPs on Wednesday #4

  1. Beautiful red; can’t wait to see it done and blocked. We tried to convince the cat to watch a show with us about Tigers – we thought her bigger and badder siblings might inspire her – but she was far more interested in watching the birds at the feeder in the back yard 🙂

  2. I hope you don’t have to go to the navy. Your dog sounds so cute. Mine, would just bark, so we don’t watch it. Can’t wait to see your finished projects!

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