FO Friday #6

I decided to do 12 shawls in 2012 and I am liking the success so far. Shawl #2 was finished this week so I am 2 for 2. Now, I also plan to make Half of 12 Sweaters, no I don’t mean 12 half sweaters, LOL, in 2012 too. There I am 0 for 1 and the end of February is fast approaching. Eek!

Here is the latest installment of 12 in 12.

Mattson, renamed for the school admin I made it for, Mrs. Mattingly, and the pattern it’s from, Ashton.

The yarn used is Heritage Handpaint, oh and a little bit of Miss Babbs, solid navy, to finish off the bind off. What’s that? Did I run out of yarn AGAIN on the bind off? Of course, don’t you expect it from me at this point?

Here’s how close I got:

That is the 2nd time I have used the Miss Babbs to help bind off. I just might use it up helping to bind off!

Now that I have finished the shawl I will get back to the 2nd pair of Baby Moc-a-Socs and the current sweater project. I will have to knit lots to get that sweater done by end of Feb. Two huge sleeves and lots of ribbed collar to go! I know I won’t make it, but willing to try. Oh, and I just found out I need to do another baby item!!!! Hubster’s cousin is expecting!!! This is awesome news since they have not been able to conceive and now they have their 2nd miracle. The first miracle was the beautiful baby boy they have through adoption. So, waiting to hear what this baby will be so I can knit accordingly. Hey, maybe I can use the baby sweater as one of my half of 12 sweaters? LOL!

OK, time to send you forth to view more FO’s. Stop by Tami’s to get the list. And happy knitting this weekend.


11 thoughts on “FO Friday #6

  1. You are so clever at figuring out how to use up all your yarn :o) That shawl is stunning!! I can’t believe you are going to make 12 this year – EGADS!! AND sweaters. It makes me tired just thinking about it :o)

    Good luck and congratulations on the new soon-to-be addition to your family.

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