Truth On Tuesday

Truth on Tuesday #6

Finishing a shawl since last week helped to use up some yarn, plus starting a new project that seems to be a quick knit added to my totals this week.

Again, Yarn added this week is:

  • 0 yards added this week!!!!!

Yarn Knit this Week:

  • 98 yards of Misti Alpaca Worsted Handpaint knit into Fiesta (aka TGV) as of Feb 20th
  • 140 yards of Cascade Heritage knit into Mattson as of Feb 16th
  • 30 yards of Valley Yarns Superwash DK knit into Baby Moc-a-Soc as of Feb 19th
  • 11 yards of Dale Baby Ull knit into Baby Moc-a-Soc as of Feb 20th
  • 207 yards of Classic Wool knit into Plum as of Feb 20th
  • 57 yards of Filatura Zara knit into Schesselle as of Feb 20th
  • Total yards knit this week is 543

Weekly Total:

  • 543 – 0 = +543

YTD Total:

  • 2471 – 3671 = -1290 yards

Still have quite a lot of purchases to make up for and continue to try to avoid more purchases. And it’s been hard this week, as I have found all sorts of reasons to buy more yarn! When I started TGV I thought to use some Aran weight Mochi on hand. I only have 2 striped balls and 2 solid balls to use and couldn’t decide if I would like that plan, so I scraped it.

Then I decided I really should buy some striping fingering or sport weight. But I rethought that and pulled out some Misti Alpaca Worsted Handpaint I had in stash. It’s a light worsted. Nice thing about the TGV shawl (sorry non-Rav users, this was the only link I could find. But I think you are able to see patterns now without being a member) is you can use it with any weight with little worry.

The pattern advises to knit half of your yarn into the garter section and then proceed to the ribbing. I know I have more yardage than needed, so I am not sure how far I will go with it. I don’t want it to be huge, so I doubt I will go to half of 654 yards. This pattern has been renamed Fiesta cause this colorway is festive! Whoa, is it bright. They will see me coming!


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