WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday #5

Wow, this is only the 5th time I have played along this year? I need to pick up the pace. Anyhoo, This past week has seen knitting on all kinds of things.

First off: The progress made on Plum is starting to show some meat. I have both fronts and the back done. I have started a sleeve. Ugh! I was supposed to knit 13″ of ribbing and then 9″ of cabled ribbing. Since I did not care for the huge roll up cuff I cut it down to about 8″-9″ of ribbing and then the 9″ of cabled ribbing to finish it out. I am maybe a third of the way through the cable ribbing of the 1st sleeve. Hopefully this will make the sleeves go quicker. I dread the over sized collar, but that is what makes the piece.

Still loving this! The yarn is soft, Paton’s Classic Wool, and the knitting does keep me engaged, even if I am soooo tired of the cabled ribbing. But I want to see this to fruition, so I will not let myself leave off. The right front hasn’t been blocked yet, so don’t worry about the shrunken look to it. The sleeve is on top of the left front in case you were wondering. Sorry for the night time flash photos, they are the best I got right now.

And just because I don’t have enough monotony going on right now I started a new project. Baby Schessellee will make an appearance sometime in March, so I must make him a vest. Hey, Big Sis got a bolero so it wouldn’t be fair to not gift him something too. I love this Drops pattern, so it only took finding a yarn to work. I settled on some Zara I had on hand. Hoping the two balls get me through the pattern. I am making size 1-3 month and using a size 4 needle. I am just over gauge, but figure the washing will bloom the piece so it should be big enough. He might be a big boy, considering Dad is a big guy, tall and thick.

132 sts in St st! For 5″!!Hopefully I can make it to the Double Seed Stitch soon.

For those who didn’t catch yesterday’s Truth on Tuesday post, another project jumped on the needles. TGV (High Speed Knitting) has been started using Misti Alpaca Worsted Handpaint. I love this yarn. This is my third shawl using MAWH. Oh so soft!!! I haven’t made much progress on this, of course it goes very quick at the beginning, especially with 3 increase EACH row. Yes, EACH row. Front and back. I am trying to decided at what point I stop the garter and go on to the ribbing. The pattern says halfway through the yarn, but I have too much yarn to work it that way. I guess I will just keep an eye on it’s size as it grows.

Due to the color on this I have renamed it Fiesta!

Now mosey on over to Tami’s and see what other lovelies are being created this week. And check back here Friday for another FO that was part of my knitting this past week.


9 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday #5

  1. Oh wow, that baby vest is going to be adorable in that colour, and I love the textures. I can’t wait to see it worked up.

    And the fiesta shawl! The colours are like being able to forget about winter for a little while. Excellent.

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