WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday #6

Lots of knitting going on here, and lots of finishing, so it’s getting harder to find something to show on Wednesday. Oh, I could show Plum or Fiesta, but they don’t look much different. One of the WIPs is only needing buttons and ends sewn in, so it’s not much of a WIP. To disguise it’s FOness I won’t show it laid out. Strategic folding has taken place. LOL.

Current WIPs are Felt Clogs by Fiber Trends and baby vest from Drops.

The first foot of the clogs is done, the second will be done by today. These go really quick when you aren’t sick and actually work on them. I made the first clog in 1 day. The second one was started and then left idle. I ended up sick yesterday, so little knitting was done. It’s the stomach kind with a very painful stomach ache. Feels like you can’t stand up straight because your stomach muscles are cramping so bad. Younger came down with it Monday night, so we were both home with it Tuesday. Hopefully it passes quickly. My MIL had it for 4 days. I’ll take the 24 hour kind thank you very much. I am ready for warm weather and less germs being passed around!

I am surprised I didn’t come down with something sooner, as I have been helping out at school every morning for the past 3 weeks. I love hanging with the kids, but would prefer they keep their germs to themselves! LOL.

Now, get out of here before you get it too. I actually blame my sickness on talking to my MIL over the phone. I am sure those germs found their way over the phone lines! Head over to Tami’s, it probably isn’t germy there. Happy knitting!


7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday #6

  1. It seems like everyone has been coming down with the stomach ache, I had to take care of two friends yesterday who had it (did you eat at Chipotle? I think they may have food poisoning problems). Anyways, I hate that stage where the knitting patterns sort of crawl along. Everything is looking great though!

  2. I hope you feel better soon! The stomach thing going around here lasts for a week and then you still feel wrung out for at least another week.
    Your knits look great!

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