FO Friday #8

Eek! One damaging storm just past, tornado on the ground before it hit our area. I live between where this photo was taken and this other funnel cloud/tornado. Now waiting for the second dangerous storm to pass. Only got hail here so far, hoping it’s the worst we get. *Storms are passed, no trampolines took flight during this storm.

Happy March to you! Tonight we celebrate #45 for Hubster. Not sure if I will make dinner or we will go out. He hates spending money to eat out, so maybe I will just make his favorite; roast, mashed potatoes and green beans.

Chugging along here. I actually have 3 FOs to show, but I am going to string them out. You never know when you might need an FO to show!

This one is a darling baby vest I made for a baby to be. The pattern is free from Drops. It is constructed in one piece, so little to no seaming. I used 3 needle BO for the shoudlers, so there really was no sewing of the seams.

The yarn was a stash buster. I had 2.5 skeins of Filature di Crosa Zara in this lovely olive color. I ended up using almost all of it. I have less than half a ball left. Maybe enough to make a preemie hat, we will see.

The pattern has a St st lower body that is separated from the Double Moss St by some rows of garter. The pattern also has a pocket, but I didn’t feel the need to make a pocket on a 1-3 month size vest. I doubt the baby will be using a pocket at such an early age.

The hardest part of this knit was finding buttons! All the greens were not the right shade, not the right size, or too expensive. One option would have been close to $10.00. For buttons on a baby vest? These only set me back about $1.00. They are a silver finish with a center spoke. There was an option that was a perfect color match with green and brown colors, but were way too big. But maybe I should go get them for a me sweater?

If I were to make this again I would likely make separate bands and leave the shoulders wider. I did make one modification. They have you do the decreases along front and armholes within the Double Moss section. I used one st from the garter and the next stitch from the Double Moss section. For some reason I find it a nicer look.

Hope you were able to finish something to share today. Now, go see what else is out there. Tami’s got the scoop!


15 thoughts on “FO Friday #8

  1. You should note the changes you would make on the Ravelry page for the project, I know I for one give those a good read over and any notes are so helpful. I love the color so much, it is very spring-like! Hope you have a great time celebrating with your husband!

  2. What a great vest – I only wish I had a little one to knit this for. I think it’s very clever that the yoke is patterned but the body is plain stockinette. It’d be too much all one way or the other. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Gorgeous—I looove the yarn, and the stitch texture on the yoke (…is that the right term?) is so, so amazing. It makes me think a little of dragon scales, which I think is perfectly whimsical for a baby vest. And I totally support your not putting on a pocket—I don’t think it would add anything, visually, and uh, yeah, newborns don’t really need pockets, so.

  4. The sweater is gorgeous, I love the colour! Stash busting is always great – more room for new yarn! I’m glad the storm didn’t hit you 🙂

  5. Glad you made it safely through the storms 🙂 That is a completely darling vest! I crochet so I don’t understand most of the technical difficulties you had, but it certainly turned out beautifully!

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