FO Friday #9 and #10

I am including two FOs this week because they were from the same yarn. And one was a super quicky!

I am endeavoring this year to knit at least one charity item a month. I started in Feb, so I have one month to make up. The first item I have finished is a pair of felted clogs for an Air Force hero. Well, he’s a hero in his Mother’s eyes, and one in my book too. It’s so little I can do for such a sacrifice they make. I used denim and black, I am told Air Force colors. These are size 12!!! I hope they are too big because I can’t imagine having feet this big!

It never fails. At least one foot of the pair doesn’t felt as nicely as the other. The top one in the photo above still has a stitch line down the middle. You can barely make out the stitch detail on it in real life. Oh well, it’s likely going to get washed at some point. The serviceman these are going to will be home soon for a brief visit before his next deployment. His Mom is having Christmas in June for him and will include these as a gift from us.

The next item used the denim yarn, hence the reason I had to buy another skein! My PTA friends have been meeting for birthdays of the various Moms. This month was a lone birthday girl. I whipped up a quick hot pad for her. I have two of these in my kitchen and use them all the time. I love them. I am thinking I need to update the ones I use to match my kitchen! And I happen to have some burgundy yarn I could use. Hmmm. To find the knitting time!

Although, this denim looks really nice with my dishes.

Knitting has been sporadic and iffy. Eldest has been diagnosed with Mono, although the untreatable kind. It must run it’s course through her body. Not sure if she will ever know when she is better. She is usually in bed at 8:00 and has napped often over the last few weeks. We thought it might be poor iron levels, but then her breathing was compromised. Poor thing has likely been dealing with this for the last two weeks, but we just didn’t realize how bad it was. And then Hubster came down with the head cold/flu bug over the weekend. He is finally feeling a bit better and even left the house last night. He missed a business meeting in SC due to his illness. That’s when I know he’s sick! I am sure the people on his flight are glad he missed.

Now to get back to the old knits, Inversion Theory Cardigan and TVG Shawl, and the new knits, a Nook cover and fingerless gloves. The Nook cover is an experiment and may have to be slightly felted to fit. It’s from a pattern called Mountain Colors Fair Isle Gift Bag, but I can’t remember where I found the pattern! The designer is with Wool Winders yarn shop, but the site doesn’t have the pattern. It’s basically a star pattern. I am modifying mine, of course. No ribbon drawstring, a button and buttonhole instead.

It’s a very deep brown and cream leftover Shelridge Farms yarn from a sweater I made myself. I rarely wear the sweater any more, thinking of felting it and making a pillow. The sweater was made before I really understood sizing my own sweaters, so it’s VERY wide! But I love it anyway. One of these days I will get up the nerve to felt it.

OK, enough from me, head over to Tami’s and see what else has been finished this week!


9 thoughts on “FO Friday #9 and #10

  1. So sorry to hear that everyone is sickly! That can be no fun. All of your recent projects are not only beautiful, but functional too. Felting can be challenging to make look good, but you certainly pull it off well!

  2. Sorry to hear that everyone in your house is sick. I hope your daughter recovers from her mono quickly without too many ill effects.

    Those are lovely slippers. They look warm and soft and sturdy. I am sure they will be much appreciated.

  3. I hope everyone in your house feels better soon!!!

    I just love the slippers, too, and what better a cause! ♥

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