WIP Wednesday

Nook Niche WIP Wednesday #7

I pulled out some stash yarn leftovers from a sweater and started a niche for my Nook. I have a hard case, but just wanted to make something for every day use. The hard case will be for traveling.

The yarn is from Shelridge Farms, their original 100% Wool. I have used the leftovers from the sweater for many hats. I had three colors to start and now am left with the two. I will still have yarn leftover after the niche. Maybe I will use them to make some more hot pads.

The niche has a picot edge and a buttonhole, which I plan to use a big creamy button with, for closure. Need to dig in my button box for just the right button. I am almost done with this. I really have no excuse for not being done, other than I just ran out of steam one night.

In other knitting I have 4 pieces of the sweater done and blocked. Just need the last sleeve and then collar hell will ensue! I fear I will be knitting collar for ages. It might become a 4 month sweater!

The shawl I have been doing for March is done, blocked and in time out. I haven’t woven in the last end because I don’t like the way it turned out. The body of the shawl is done with a triple increase. The triple increase method makes the edging extremely tight! I also seemed to miss the row telling you to increase before the ribbing. The pattern is not very well written, so I can see how I would miss it. It’s more of a guideline than pattern. I am not pleased with the final product at all. I stopped after two skeins because I was afraid if I went further the width would be enormous. The width is fine as is, but the depth is scanty. So, thoughts are:

  • Rip back to the body and do the ribbing increase. And then do a double increase in the ribbing instead of the single increase per pattern.
  • Rip back to the body and do increases across the row more often than the pattern’s one row of doubling the stitch count. I thought maybe to start with a 1×1 ribbing and work in subtle increases until it is a 2×2 ribbing.
  • Rip it all out

The 2nd option is likely what I will do. The third option is not preferred, and option 1 won’t really help the issue. I might even put in some short rows to create more depth. But any option will likely see me crack into that third skein. It’s the only way I will get more depth.

So, the dilemma will be whether or not I show it off on Friday. I doubt I will rip it out before then, I plan to wear it out Wednesday, even if the temps are going to be high, and see how it works in real time. I will likely finish the Nook Niche and start a pair of fingerless gloves as I ponder what to do. I hate to undo the knitting, but I hate to revisit something I thought was done!

OK, head over to Tami’s and see if others are as insane as I!


3 thoughts on “Nook Niche WIP Wednesday #7

  1. The second option for the shawl would likely be the least painful, maybe you should post about it because then you could do a before and after kind of thing later. So sorry to hear about the set back! I love the Nook case by the way, so pretty!

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