FO Friday #11, or is it?

If you read the blog of WIP Wednesday you will know that I have/had a dilemma. I finished and blocked a shawl, TGV, but disliked it’s lack of give on the ribbing border. Hmmm, what’s up with that? So I dithered about what to do. A message from the designer, who had seen my note of dissatisfaction, revealed I had left out an instruction. The increase between body and border. Doh! Obviously, it wasn’t going to stand as is, so what did I do?

But first, the before shots:


Misti Alpaca Handpaint Worsted, yummy!

The photos don’t really show how tight the edges are, or how much the bottom curled when you tried to wrap it around. So, what to do. I listed some options and pretty much went with the option I expected I would. So, instead of leaving it in time out I ripped back to the ribbing and have now restarted it. I am doing an increase at each edge on the right side only. I knit in ribbing a few rows and then did an increase row as follows: K1, KFB. Then I did 8 rows of short rows. I will knit an even row and then do another increase row and follow a rate of K3, KFB. More short rows, an even row and then another increase row, K5, KFB, more short rows, knit even and the last increase row of K7, KFB, ending with some even rows and a stretchy bind off.

I know this redo will crack into my 3rd skein, and I am OK with it. I figure the leftovers can be used for a headband or something else small depending on the amount I have left. It’s not like 217 yards of it will yield much of anything anyway. And I will be happier with it. The short rows will give me more depth without adding too much width. I did this same technique on my MIL’s shawl I made ages ago. Should have gotten a photo of the back! About the point where it wraps to the front is where I stopped/started my short rows. The pattern is As You Like It from a semi-local designer.

OK, so that’s my non FO story. Check back next week for the true FO Friday #11. In the mean time, check with Tami for all the truly FO’d Fridays!


8 thoughts on “FO Friday #11, or is it?

  1. That is very frustrating, but I’m sure that after you go back and finish it up, this will be a stunning project. I particularly love the yarn you chose, it works perfectly with the project.

  2. I’m sorry you had to rip some of it out and start again, I know you will be happy in the end that you did. I really like the colorway, it’s in my fav colors! I think it’s nice that the designer contacted you. I was making a hat from a pattern I purchased and I contacted the designer and she was so nice to help me!

  3. aww I hate when stuff like that happens! but if you’re going to spend all that time making something, you might as well make it perfect, right? I’m sure it’ll be beautiful when it’s done!!!

  4. “If it were done when ’tis done then ‘twer well it were done quickly” WS
    The shawl is too lovely to languish in the time out pile. And I’m glad that the Alpaca is frogging well.

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