Where am I?

I have long been absent. No real reason, other than Spring Break for the most part. But even before and after I have just not had the desire to blog. The knitting has been non-existent until today.

Short updates:

Elder was diagnosed with Mono before Spring Break. She has a less severe case of it. Just very tired.

During our Spring Break trip to Florida I thought Younger had heat stroke or dehydration. Upon getting home and her symptoms not getting better we went to the Dr. Strep was ruled out, so consensus is, she has Mono like big sis. Elder is still recovering, Younger is down. Now to cross fingers that I don’t end up with it. Hubster is immune, he had it in high school.

Good news. Heading back to Florida in a few weeks to complete a move from one condo to the other. Going from 8th floor in one building to 5th floor in another. That’s a good thing as I don’t like heights. My brother is going from the 5th floor to the 19th! Eek!  I felt very unstable when we went up to see their new unit. Stayed away from the balcony.

Busy weeks coming up. Elder made National Honor Society, so we have a program to attend for recognition of that. Younger has cheer tryouts for her new school and is joining a soccer team. And the wind down to school is begun with 8th grade graduation plans and parties. I can’t believe school is done in less than 2 months!

That’s it from me. I am sure all 2 of you who read this didn’t even notice I was gone. LOL!


8 thoughts on “Where am I?

  1. well, now there’s 3. I’m back. Mono sucks. I had it in college…had to take incomplete in 3 courses and finish them up over summer.

  2. Hey, I realized you were gone and missed you! But I understand, you have a busy, busy life. Don’t forget to take a little bit of time out of your day to stop and knit for a little while.

  3. I realized you were gone. No further email for awhile while we’re in transit. I’m still available by cell #. Barbara

  4. We four did notice.

    Sorry about the mono, but word to the wise it can “recur” as a low grade EBV infection YEARS later… maybe 40+. Happened to us. You think you probably have a cold, and feel exhausted. It resolves itself fortunately. Weird….really.

  5. I figured you were enjoying sun and surf:)
    I hope the mono passes quickly and that you are not infected.
    Congratulations to your daughter (and you) for making National Honor Society!

  6. Sorry that your children have come down with mono. Congrats to both of your daughters, honor society and graduating 8th grade are great accomplishments! I’ve not been blogging or knitting for the last week myself but that was because we were in Florida too!!! What part were you in? I will be blogging about our adventures later on my blog.

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