…has struck here. Too many things causing me worry and no desire to knit. I am still toiling on the shawl I ripped out in March. Halfway through the last skein and wondering when to stop knitting. I tried to start a pair of fingerless mitts, but not too enthused about them. I still need to knit one more sleeve on the sweater and then seam and knit the massive collar and edgings.

I am hoping a quick trip to Stitches South will change the knitting funk. Drama from High School and Middle School is infecting our house and I need to get away from it. And I get to spend some time with a best bud who is moving to Chattanooga, so it’s all good.

We are driving down on Friday noon and will stay until after noon on Saturday. No classes I want to take, so it’s just market shopping for us. And meeting up with some friends of hers for dinner.

I just discovered there is a Maggiano’s at Cumberland Mall, across the way from the convention site, so I know where I will be grabbing some food from. Take out for home? But what to bring home? Chicken Saltimboca? Lasagna? Elder has already requested Chicken Parmesan.


One thought on “Life….

  1. NO WAY!!!! I am just north of Chatt by one hour! I was thinking of going to Stitches South but I don’t think I’ll be able to go. I hope you have a wonderful time.

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