Still kicking.

Someone asked about my silence. Nothing ominous, just life.

First the medical stuff: 2nd blood test shows up normal for blood sugars. Yippee!!!!! I usually have low blood sugar, so this was puzzling me. And trying to eat low carb was really causing major hunger pains. I was likely trying too hard and cutting out too much. But I will continue to be smart about food choices, just not fanatical.Still not sure about the elevated liver levels, but hopefully I will get some answers today after my Dr visit for that and G.E.R.D.

Family: Lots going on with the end of the year at school, so it’s keeping us busy. Just made 3 huge pans of Apple Crisp and served it with Ice Cream during the Middle School’s Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week today. Good thing I don’t have a lot left over. Apple Crisp is soooo not low carb!

Knitting: Still haven’t ripped out the TKG shawl. Hate it. Started another shawl, Maluka. It’s a border first style shawl with short rows above. The little “twist” along the top of the border is from pulling 3 sts over the first 3 sts on the needle. Hate that, but it’s only every 6th row, so I can live with it. Will make a few more repeats than the pattern calls for since I have more yarn than called for.

Reading: I am enjoying this more than anything right now. But I should be saving it for swimming season! Oh well. I didn’t use to ever slow down on the knitting during the warmer months, but now I seem to be doing that each year. At this point I have busted my goals of 12 shawls, although I could still pull it off. No way I will get 6 sweaters done, I haven’t even finished the 1st one! And 6 military donation items is unlikely too. Oh well, I will just knit what I want when I want. That’s the way it shold be.

OK, time to get ready for two days of Dr visits and to vote in our Primary today. I hope your day is going well!

P.S. Thanks Sandy for caring!!


6 thoughts on “Still kicking.

  1. Oh my, you certainly have been busy! Hang in there, soon things will calm down a little bit. Don’t forget to make a little bit of time to relax and recover : )

  2. Glad to see you are ok! I’ve been wondering where you were. I know what you mean by life getting in the way, it is a busy time of the year. I have a zoo trip with my youngest on Friday, wedding shower on Sat. and the list goes on and on. Be glad when it slows down a bit. I’m glad your blood sugar is good, hope that everything is ok with your liver. Keep us posted! (((HUGS)))

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