FO Friday

Whoa, I can’t remember the last time I posted an FO on Friday with Tami’s Amis. Too long. But, I have finally finished something and thought, why not. I started this baby vest in July, the 13th, finished it the 20th, and then it sat, waiting for buttons for over a month! I finally got to Joann’s to look at buttons and hemmed and hawed until I settled on some green ones to match the olive-y color. Ta Da! I finally sewed the buttons on after having them for almost a week! Geesh!

The pattern is a version of Garnstudio’s Junior Vest. I have made this one before.

It took me 1 week to knit the vest, and another month to buy buttons, and then 1 more week to get around to sewing them on. LOL!

This is for a friend’s little boy. He is a regular at our knitting lunch. Such a sweetie! To help Momma out I put an extra button inside in case he loses one. The buttons came in a package of 12, so I have more. Good thing I love that color!

Now, to focus on that shawl! I am just finishing up the lace portion, after ripping back several times. Then it’s the last braid and on to the knit on border. That will be tedium galore! But maybe it will be done for a reveal at next week’s FO Friday? You know the drill. Click on the link above to see what else has been done this week.


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