WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

I haven’t done this about as long as I wasn’t doing FO Friday. When nothing you are working on is progressing, or being finished, you have nothing to show. This week, the item I have for WIP Wednesday is actually ready to show for FO Friday! But you will have to wait until Friday to see it finished.

I purchased 2 skeins of Encore in order to make a baby sweater. I wanted to do this one for a boy. So I knew I had to have a very manly color of yarn. The Encore Tweed I picked up Modern Ewe, in Mt Vernon, IN, was perfect! I was trying to avoid the Caldeio (Cladonia + Kleio = Caldeio) Shawl, so I picked up the yarn and cast on. I also needed it for mindless knitting. Yeah, good excuse to avoid the Cladeio. Anywho. I cast on Saturday night and by noon on Tuesday it was done. The size I knit was 3-6, but it just might fit up to 12 months. Here is the in progress shot, actually very close to being done.

The buttons are just laying on the front band, but about where they will be sewn on. The collar has increases worked into it above the buttonhole area to create a shawl effect. I took a wonderful class on collars at Stitches one year. Best class ever! I need to start using the knowledge from that class. Of course, when you knit more shawls than sweaters, it kind of falls by the wayside. You can barely make out in the photo that the buttons have a green outer ring. I couldn’t have found buttons to match more perfectly than these. And these were in my stash. Just two. No idea where I got them, or why I bought them! They are such a great match you can’t even tell there is green on them.

I did make some changes to the pattern. I cast on and was knitting, forgetting that the bottom didn’t have an “anti-curl” finish. I hate St st curl, so I knew something must be done. I got all the knitting done, then added 4 rows of garter to the sleeve edge. Once I had the side seams done I added 8 rows of garter to the bottom. Then I picked up for the bands and knit them. If/When I do this one again, it really is quick!, I will maybe wait and do the garter after the front bands, or do garter after casting on. Depends how well the ribbed collar edge lays once blocked.

I will also pick up less sts along the cuff. It flairs more than I prefer. And I used my usual 3 for 4 along a straight edge rule. I will try 3 for 5 on the next one.

OK, check out the other WIPers at Tami’s Amis. And have a great Wednesday. I have a feeling, the mojo is back!! How do I know? My hands are hurting from all the knitting!


4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Hey! Good to see you! The sweater is very handsome. LOL It will be wonderful for a little boy. I really like the color and the way the buttons match.

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