She made it through!!!!

Elder was tied with 2 other girls for 2 spots at Regional. So a play-off begun after all the teams were in. They played hole #1 again, the two with the lowest score on that hole advanced. She had a par, another girl had a par, and one of her teammates had a bogey. She made it! It was bittersweet because her teammate didn’t make it through, but Elder achieved her goal for her senior year. Making it to Regionals. She will have to fight to make it out of Regionals, but that’s worry for next Saturday. Right now we are riding the high of her awesome composure and great strokes to make par. The minute we knew she would have to play a two or three way shoot out we had her on the green putting and then her dad had her working her driver. I think we all shed tears of nerves and joy at some point that afternoon.

Thanks for any good thoughts you sent our way. We appreciate it!

And to keep with the knitting theme of the blog, here is what kept me sane through the entire match. I worked on the blue/green stripes from the moment of tee off on #1 to the tee off on #18. Busy hands kept Mom from jumping around in the cart!

I am using Cascade 220 Pacific in 4 colorways. Serious soft yarn, but of 4 skeins 2 have had issues with knots and loosely spun areas. Not sure I will buy more of this. The next stripe section, which is actually done, but not photographed, is blue and brown, then brown and orange will finish it out. I must admit I am not happy with my color placement. I should have kept the blue and brown separated, but grabbed the wrong two colors first and cast on. I could rip it all back and start again, but really, the babe isn’t going to care one way or the other! Evidently the first blanket is getting shredded. With so much love for it, I couldn’t NOT knit him another! They live in North Carolina and warm handknit sweaters are not real usable, so I am happy to make him blankets. I will also work some vests in there too. The first great-nephew on Hubster’s side, so he rates. As does the 2nd one here in town. He CAN wear sweaters, so his 2nd one is waiting to be on the needles soon.

OK, I am done. Hope your weekend was fabulous, I know mine was!!!


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