WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

Sometimes I wonder at my lack of breaking out of the rut. When it’s time to knit a baby girl sweater I pull out the old standby, 7 times so far and the 8th time is coming soon, I’m thinking I need to laminate the pattern to keep it from falling apart! But then, I’ve also done this sweater 4 times. I usually am more expansive with the boy sweaters, but I have now done a vest twice, and this sweater will be the 4th time. In looking back, there’s quite a few boy patterns I have revisited. By far, the Little Star Sweater is my fav.


The color is more accurate in the first photo.

The yarn is Berroco Comfort DK that I bought at Modern Ewe in Mt Vernon, IN. My friend is the manager of the shop. It is lovely soft and easy care, but MAN! does it split. It makes for less no look knitting time. I usually read online articles while I knit and this yarn is cutting in on my reading time.

The sleeve was knit while on the way to St Louis to a Cardinals game on Sunday. What a fun day with Hubster. We were in the Peabody Coal box, so we had primo seats behind home plate! Almost fielded two foul balls which went in the box next to us. Hubster wondered why I didn’t dive after them. Only because there were 4 people between me and the fly balls!

Okay, time to get my feast on at our local Fall Festival! 4 huge city blocks of all the food you could want, and some you don’t (Brain Sandwiches). I go for the Monster Ears, Fried Mushrooms, Haystacks, and Chicken and Dumplings! Good thing I only plan to go one night this week. It goes from Sunday to Saturday with talent contests, bands, and a parade. The money raised benefits non-profits, who provide the food booths, and the West Side Nut Club does many wonderful things with their proceeds.

Time for you to check out what else is up for show on WIP Wednesday. Go to Tami’s and follow the links.


4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. I really love the star sweater. It’s worth knitting them over and over when the pattern is good and the gift well received.
    The Fall Festival sounds like fun. Don’t eat too much;)

  2. Yum, brain sandwiches! I wonder if eating one would help me get smarter 😉
    No wonder the Little Star sweater is a favorite. It’s adorable! I have knitted with Comfort and totally agree on its splitty tendencies. I do love how soft it is, though. And the many great colors that it is available in.

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