WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

I have been wipping along so well I have another finished hat and an almost finished sweater. Baby and toddler sized mean fast finishes!

Here is the WIP that will soon be an FO!

Little Star Sweater from one of my favorite books. I just realized, picture #7 in the customer image gallery is of the first star sweater I made. Wow, memory lane. Today is for finishing the seaming and weaving in ends. I actually have all the Intarsia ends woven, big job!

While I was avoiding the finishing of the sweater Tuesday I knocked out a hat for J. He is W’s big brother. I watch W three days a week. J asked for a black hat, but I didn’t care for how it turned out, so I went with the red and brown Valley DK yarn from WEBS. Love this yarn for baby/toddler stuff. I need to get some in orange, baby blue, and more brown to make the other great-nephew a hat. And then I can mail off his new blanket. Or just get more of the Pacifica from Atkinson’s?

Our trip to Indy this past weekend didn’t yield a trip to a yarn shop. I tried to visit two different ones but they were no longer in business! I guess I should have just gone to Mass Ave. But I was on the north side of town, not the south. Oh well, I can visit more local shops and spend money! But we did make it to Bub’s in Carmel. This burger joint was featured on a Man Vs Food episode, which we love to watch. I had the Not So Ugly Burger, and couldn’t even finish it. It was awesome! A must visit place if you ever get close.

OK, you know what to do. Check out Tamis for all the other wippers!


3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. The hat and sweater are fantastic! It’s fun and quick to knit baby things.
    Your burger looks yummy! We watch Man Vs. Food all the time. I bet we’ve seen that episode:)

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