WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

The next baby sweater is almost done. The pieces are sewn together and now the long, boring, shawl collar begins. I love the collar, it makes the sweater! But man, those short rows just slay me.

The yarn is Yarn Daze sport. I had two skeins and used 1.1 of them for a larger version of this sweater. Not knowing if I would have enough for a larger size I just did the 0-3 month size. Oh my! This size is soooo small!

In hat knitting, I am winding down, mostly because I don’t know anyone else to make a hat for! I will make the matching hat to the sweater, but for right now I need to get away from small needles, so I am going to make a pair of clogs. I did finish this hat. Can you spot the issue with it?


The area below the large black band had to be added. I was knitting it with the stitch count of the largest hat, but then knit to the length of the 2nd size hat. What? I am sooo ditzy sometimes.

Check back Friday to see a finished baby sweater, and to see which button I chose. I am wavering between two. I almost thought to just put ties on the sweater, but a button is just easier to do.

Hope over to Tami’s and see what else is in the works this Wednesday.


6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. The hat top reminds me of those evil eye pendants they have in Turkey to ward off evil. It looks great. Not sure what you mean by spotting the issue. No one would know if you didn’t tell them.

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