FO Friday

Lots of baby knitting around here. 2nd sweater done, just one more arrival to await so I know what gender to knit for. But this little sweater will wait until February to be worn.

Sirdar 1646, favorite baby girl pattern. Umpteenth time I have knit it.

The yarn is leftover from 2 skeins I had last year. I used 1.1 skeins to make this same sweater in a larger size. Now that I knew there was another baby girl coming, I wanted to use up the rest of the skein. This is a 0-3 months size and used up about half of what I had left. So, that meant a hat could be made to match.


I love how smooth the decreases look on the top! I love picot edgings, but man, they take forever!!!

The yarn is from Yarn Daze and it was dyed especially for my not-so-local-yarn-shop. It is sport weight, which means I have to redo the numbers to fit the DK pattern. But it usually means just using the sts count from a larger size and the length measurements from the size I want.

So, got to run. Need to take Elder to school today so that her car isn’t there without her. She is taking part in a leadership camp this weekend. Evidently it will be dirty, muddy, and lots of fun. Yeah, no. Not if mud is involved! LOL. Go check out Tami’s and Wonder Gal to see what else is done today.


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