WIP Wednesday

Ugh, Cardinals!!!

Why’d ya have to lose!!!! Oh well, we will rest on our championship from last year. Alas, 12 in 12 was not meant to be. At least I had my knitting to keep me company, since everyone else in the family gave up and went to bed.

Mochi Plus in Solid and Stripe
Jared Flood’s Noro Stripe Scarf

This scarf is for a favored reacher at school. She wanted pink, but I have little to no pink, so this was offered as a possibility. And durn it!, she liked it. I wanted to make some Fiddlehead Mittens with this yarn. Oh well, I can always buy more.

Head over to Tami’s Ami’s to see what else is in the works this week.


5 thoughts on “Ugh, Cardinals!!!

  1. So sorry your team let you down. They did make a good go of things. I’m a Cubs fan…. defeat is the story of my life. 😀 Fortunately, my Packers make the fall more tolerable. The scarf looks wonderful.

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