FO Friday And Fiber Arts Friday

The finishing is still finishing here, and I hope it doesn’t finish soon.

New this week are:

Pickett Mochi!

This scarf is the old Noro Stripe by Jared Flood. One I am sure the majority of the world has made. It went rather quick. I used Mochi Plus in a stripe and solid to give it a not so busy look. The solid is a brown, almost eggplant though. Very deep, rich color. The stripe is one of my fav combos.

I just love the look of it rolled.


Why did I promise this to the teacher? I love it! Oh well, Elder said her teacher wore it out of the school that afternoon, so I guess it was a winner.

And for the little great-nephew, who really isn’t little so much, 15 months!, a hat for his noggin. Hope it fits.

Connor’s 2nd Hat

I used my fav baby yarn, Valley DK Superwash from WEBS. I should just order one of every color and get it over with. It works great for hats. The pattern is from the Mix and Pick non-pattern on Rav. I just worked out the chart on Excel and matched the repeat to a baby hat pattern. It seems too big, but it’s only 17″ not stretched. Hope it fits. He wears the Eagles hat I made him last year all the time right now. Not that it can be that cold in Charlotte! The new one is to match his winter vest.

OK, check in with the other gals to see what’s flying off the needles!


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