Get out and Vote

Before my political rant I will fill you in on some knitting stuff. Just finished knitting a pair of Duffers. Unique slipper that has a neat shaping. Will felt these to see how true the size is and whether they will fit my BIL. I made them in his fav college colors, IU, so they aren’t staying at my house. I bleed true blue, UK!

I also have just passed the point where I am now knitting up more yarn than what I have purchased since the beginning of 2012. Just about the end of October hit the milestone. Now, I still have a few more purchases to make. Sweater yarn for a class I will be teaching in the future, and felting wool for a toddler hat. Hopefully I can end the year with less on hand than when I started the year?

OK, look away if you want, but it’s not really that bad.

No matter who you vote for, it’s your duty to exercise your right to vote. I am sure most know I am backing Romney/Ryan. They present the clear path to getting our economy back on track in my opinion. And that’s what it is, my opinion. Yours may be different, and guess what, that’s OK. We have the right to differing opinions. It’s how we treat each other on the issue that concerns me.

Who I vote for doesn’t define me, it might reflect what I find important, but it isn’t the only thing that makes me who I am. I believe I vote the way I do because of my bedrock beliefs; life, liberty, and the PURSUIT of happiness. Not the EQUAL OUTCOME of the pursuit of happiness. But, that I am free to pursue that which I value and believe to afford me happiness. Life would be wonderful if it could be fair. But then, who decides what “fair” is?

To me, “fair”, is that you are able to try to achieve your goals.

“Fair”, to me, is not having someone even the field so that everyone “seems” to have the same amount of stuff. Why does someone else get to arbitrate what I should lose and what someone else should gain through no effort of their own?

To me, “fair”, does not make a decision FOR or AGAINST anyone based on their physical features. Those things that they cannot change about themselves. Decisions should me based on merit, whether it’s for a job, a role in a play, or elected office.

And right now, I don’t think it’s “fair” that we have to listen to one more lie, untruth, fib, or slander from ANY political party! I am so sick of the negativity. Just tell me what you plan to do for the country, and leave what you “think” your opponent plans to do out of it. If all you have is scare tactics, you don’t have much, now do you.


2 thoughts on “Get out and Vote

  1. I am looking forward to seeing the duffers. Felted slippers are a big fave with family and friends (the list gets bigger each year) and I wonder about changing up the standard felted clog pattern for something new.

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