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Friday sharing

Still have some FOs held back to share. Small items tend to stack up.

So, I had seen this pattern, Duffers, about and decided it was time to just buy it and go with it. My thoughts so far?

  • The size I made ended up much smaller than I wanted. The fabric was well felted, but no way it could fit a US size 9 foot. It barely fit my 8.5ish foot. So, felt less or go up a size to fit the foot?
  • The decreases still show too much. The k3togs aren’t as closed up as I would like.
  • The family contends they are too girlish for a man. So, very limiting in gift giving scope.
  • They are quick. Much quicker than the Fiber Trends felted clogs.


Patons Classic Wool works well for felting, and is cheaper than Cascade 220, so, it’s my go to for slippers. As you can see from the before and afters, they are too small for my feet. And, very lumpy! I wish I knew how others got their felted stuff to look so nice. Not that it matters much, they are for your feet!

I gave these to Elder to take to school to see if they fit any teachers. She couldn’t find Cinderella, so a classmate she didn’t even know took them to see if they fit a younger sibling. She felt bad that she couldn’t think of a reason to not give them to the young lady. I assured her, I’d rather they be used by someone, even if I don’t know them.

Conclusion: I think I am going to make a solid version, just to see if I like them any better. And maybe change up the decreases. Those k3togs just do not make a tight decrease. Wondering if you can really tell the direction of the decrease, or if I could just use sssk’s?

So, if you want to take part in showing off your FOs or Fiber Fridays, you know what to do.


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13 thoughts on “Friday sharing

  1. I always thought Paton’s Classic wool was too quick to felt, but it is less expensive What is the pattern’s name?

  2. The slippers do look cute and hopefully they’ve gone to a good home… I’m currently using a k3tog in a lace pattern – it’s makes a very pretty stitch, but I could imagine it wouldn’t be too tight.

    I’ve found thie article quite useful for decreases in the past. There’s a section on double decreases at the end…

    Hope you find a solution!

  3. Even if they aren’t your favorite, I’ll just say that I’m impressed that you made shoes!! I have wonderful felted clog slippers, but I sure as heck didn’t make them.

  4. Sorry for your felting frustration! I hate when things felt too small! I now felt in 10 minute incriments and keep checking it. How did you felt it? I use my washing machine and then when they are still wet you can mold it a bit. I’ve used Paton’s and Cascade as well as the Fisherman’s wool. Love the red/white colors! The red toe is super cute!

  5. I felt in a front load washing machine, so less control than a top load. And laziness too! LOL. I hate having to stop the machine, try to get the pieces out without too much water getting all over my laundry.

    1. I do hear that it’s harder to felt with the front loaders. I also add several pairs of jeans into the wash when felting and use the hot/cold cycle in the washer. My personal experience is that it’s hard to get even felting without removing it and doing some of the felting by hand. I hear you though – it is messy business!

      Andrea – yes, it’s quite discouraging if it doesn’t turn out!!! I try to swatch and full smaller pieces to see how the yarn responds before doing a larger item and so far that’s worked out.

  6. The slippers look so warm and comfy. Hopefully the next pair will fit better. I love the terrific price point for the yardage of Patons Classic Wool. I will have to try using it for a felting project.

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