WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

Wow, I actually have a WIP to show, and it won’t be an FO for a while. But first, thank you for the lovely comments left on my sweater. I wore it Sunday and got lots of compliments on it. Will wear it once more before it will go to a local shop for display for a few months.

I cast on Caireen on Thanksgiving night. 430 sts!!! Each row takes an hour. OK, maybe not an hour, but it feels like it. Close to. Especially on the cable rows. I am only 12 rows in at this point. Haven’t given it much time*. I love the color. Limestone Nature Spun from Brown Sheep. Not the softest out of the skein yarn, hoping it lofts a lot with washing.


OK, so it just looks like a green ring at the moment. I am claiming the Irish name for it based on the green, which I want to liken to Connemara Marble. Saw a lovely Connemara pendant in the Notre Dame catalog that I would love to have. About $300.00 worth of beautiful! So, I will make a shawl instead and call it Irish. Maybe I will get to wear it to a ND football game next year? Praying that Elder gets accepted!

*I would have another FO to show this week, but I grabbed yarn out of the scrap drawer and assumed it was felting wool. It likely was leftover Superwash from Cascade. I thought the yarn seemed really smooth. So the duffers I expected to shrink in the wash are not even budging. Oh well, I don’t need to gift them until Christmas, so I have time to dig out true wool. But it must be pink and cream. So, slim pickings in my stash. Cream, yes, pink, nope. And, 1 day of knitting gone, never to be retrieved!

Hope you are recovered from Thanksgiving. I got 3 more days out of the leftovers. Two days of the actual food and then 1 day of using the turkey stock for dumplings! Like I didn’t get enough dumplings from Thursday through Saturday! My fav Turkey Day item. And pumpkin pie, don’t forget the pie. Still have a pie left from the baking, may have to just dump it, not sure I can eat one more piece!!!

Head over to Tami’s to see if anyone else is having a WIP Wednesday. I bet they are.


5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Brown Sheep Nature Spun is one of my fav yarns. Sturdy, tons of colors. I’ve made a bunch of items from it. Looking forward to seeing more of your Caireen.

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