FO Friday

Cut it close to the wire to have something to show. I finished the Oh Hemlock Christmas Tree Skirt last night. I had some worry about the finish. I had one skein of Eco + at 478 yards. I had a pattern. I had NO clue how far the skein would get me. But I cast on and knit away over 3 days. And got it done!

Here are the photos to explain my worry.

Tree Skirt 1

This shows the 20 or so sts still on the needle, upper right hand side, and the length of yarn left from the 478 yards of yarn. Not much at all! I fretted about the finish. I had weighed the yarn before starting the bind off. I knew I had 46 yards of yarn left. I knew I had a very yarn intensive border to knit. I jumped in and swam hard.

Here is where I ended up.

Tree Skirt 2

Barely 7″ of yarn left. Enough to weave in and call it done. I did have about 15″ of yarn at the beginning, so if needed I could have spit spliced. But so glad I did not have to go that route.

I love it! The color is not correct in any of the photos. I will try to get a photo outside, raining today, or in better lighting. I am hoping this will be under the tree tonight, need Hubster’s help in lifting up the tree to get this over the stand. Good thing it is a fake tree, but it is VERY heavy.

Hemlock Tree Skirt 1

Hemlock Tree Skirt 2

Hemlocl Tree Skirt 3

I folded it and laid it in front of the tree for effect. Might put some light fabric under it to make the lace pop. Cream? White? I know I have some calico in the stash that would likely work.

And, just because I haven’t shown enough greeniness today, and because I haven’t done enough of these hats, here is Kiddie Cadet #3. This one is being sent out to NC for the great-nephew. The other is just too big, I doubt it would fit him. This has the ribbing across the back to help it fit to the noggin.

Connor's Hat the 2nd

Connor's Hat top

This is really a very quick knit. I love the short row construction of the lined brim. Vintage from Berroco, still have close to 2 skeins left. But, no more hats, I promise.

You know what to do, head to Tami’s and Wisdom to see what’s cookin’ in blogland!

Take a moment out of your day to honor those who gave their lives so long ago, and take another moment to pray we will never have another attack like it, or 9-11. My Aunt’s birthday is today, so I never forget the day and it’s full meaning.


11 thoughts on “FO Friday

  1. That tree skirt is stunning! Talk about cutting it close though. I usually hold my breath when it starts to get that close to the end of the yarn. It helps make it last longer, I think? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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