OK, so maybe it’s not the same as Ho Ho Ho. But it does have a gift giving thing behind it. These are the only two gifts I am making this year. They are done and ready for gifting, actually one already has been gifted.

I loved this one so much, was so hard to give it up!

Phoenix 3

Phoenix 1

This went to a good friend who lost her art studio in a fire. Hoping it helps, but it isn’t much. The yarn is luscious Nimbus from Zitron. 6 more skeins in my stash!!! For me! Merci Scarf.

And, more Nimbus! This one is a neck warmer for my mom. Shawl Collared Cowl will be a Christmas gift for her.

Shawl Cowl

She has an orange winter coat that I hope this matches. If not, it is neutral enough to work with most anything. I love the buttons! Everything came from the local shop I visit, Modern Ewe. The buttons look garish in the photo, but they really do match in person. I actually haven’t sewn them on because I am waiting to see if Mom wants it to button this way, or for the two ends to actually be matched up.

It’s been a big week. Breathing issues have plagued me, and will be calling the Dr’s office to hear the results of the CT scan I had yesterday. Locked myself out of my house, spilled Iced Tea and then Lemonade on myself, and had to corral a small bird that flew into our house. We cornered it in the upstairs spare bedroom and finally, with the use of screen and towel, got it out the window!

Now, go find out what other things have happened in blogland this week over at Tami’s and Wonderblog!

ETA: Dr says lungs are clear of infection. So now, on to Pulmonary Specialist to determine just what is up with the breathing. Fairly sure at this point it is asthma. Thanks for the kind comments!


10 thoughts on “FO FO FO!

  1. Awe. It’s hard to give away knitted items that you’ve become attached to. Maybe you will have time to make a similar scarf for yourself once the holidays are over.

  2. Your scarf looks like it was knit with some yarn in the Franklin Habit colorway…is it? I have a great pair of socks I knit a couple years ago with that colorway. He’s such a stitch! I’m definitely stealing that cowl pattern, that is great. I’m always looking for something short and sweet to knit with my handspun. Thanks for sharing your projects. Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  3. LOL For a minute I thought you were hollaring for me! Both look lovely. Glad the infection is gone hope that the next visit will bring you more good news! I have finished all of my gifts for Christmas as well. I am currently working on a hat for my boss, it’s not a Christmas present. I want to get started on a sweater for myself soon!

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