WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

Less than a week from Christmas. Yikes! Hubster and I are going out to finish shopping tomorrow. I can wait for that. LOL! Hate shopping. But before that I have Dr appts for ultra sound and then consultation with the Dr for my ablation the day after Christmas. Yuck! But forget that, it’s time to show knitting! Yummy!

I have been hard at Caireen, it is close to the short rows, which means, close to done!! I hope to wear it Christmas Eve.

I searched around for anything else to knit, due to the Nature Spun being less than soft at times and all that cabling! So I dove in the stash and wound the yarn for Milkweed Capelet. Only, I didn’t cast on for it. Instead I got sidetracked with the need to make a tam for a special family member for Christmas Adam, and Fuzzy Feet for my BIL for Christmas Eve. So I ended up casting on for Brambles in soft Cascade 220. Only, it’s Cabled!!! On size US6 and US4!


So, it was causing it own issues. OK, change gears and cast on for Fuzzy Feet. Sure, why not. Hmm, where is that deep red I planned to use for IU obsessed BIL? Wait, here’s some Manos in a reddish color. Cast on. Remember it is Manos from a friend’s mom who had a weaving shop. It’s from the 1970’s! Veggie Matter galore. So, no cables, but man is it scratchy!


 Only one foot done so far.

So, I succeeded in not fixing any of the issues I was having. Just should have cast on with that Lana D’Oro!! After Christmas, when I am laid up from my procedure. I plan to have tons of books, puzzles, and knitting at hand! To take my mind off of the pain?

OK, head to Tami’s and see what else has been in the works this week.


4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. I have a couple last minute things to pick-up still too… I’m not looking forward to venturing out in the stores. I’m eager to see your Caireen! I hope the end goes quickly for you!

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