FO Friday

Sorry I was missing on Wednesday. That was the day of my ablation. I was concerned more about the IV sedation than anything else. I do not do well on sedation, of any kind. Plus, pain meds just make me sick. Surprisingly, I came through with flying colors. The only nausea was from Hubster’s driving in the packed snow. We only got 8 inches overnight, on top of sleet, so driving was nerve wracking! Especially with all the idiot drivers pulling out in front of us. But we made it there and home, although I actually don’t remember much from the ride home. I slept most of Wednesday away, but by Thursday I was much better.

So, on to the knitting. Forgot to show these slippers when I finished them. They are for my cousin’s daughter. She couldn’t try them on when I saw her due to a foot in a medical boot and the event we were at. Hopefully they fit.

Duffers for Makenna

These are from the Duffers pattern I made previously. On this pair I ran out of the pink right at the end and had to bind off in purple. Oh well, she’s a fun young lady, she won’t mind. Just hope they fit. I think the pattern runs small, but who knows. I need to make myself a pair to compare. Cascade 220 leftovers.

Watchcap 1

This hat was made to send off to Israel for a soldier to wear. I will get some more yarn and make one for an American soldier too. It was endless 2×2 ribbing for 9.5″! But then the decreases went fast. Perfect for knitting while at all the Christmas parties, 4 in 5 days! The yarn was Classic Elite Liberty Wool, sooooo soft!!! It needed to be easy care, but no reason it can’t feel good to me while knitting. I have 1/2 a ball left, so buy one more and I will have another hat.

Now, on to finishing the last planned project for 2012 and then to write up my end of the year post. I could go crazy and try to finish off one more project, but no reason to drive myself crazy. Then again, I have 4 more days and nothing big planned until New Year’s Eve. We’ll see, something just may jump on my needles.

Now, go check out Tami’s to see what is up in Friday finishes.


5 thoughts on “FO Friday

  1. Glad to hear that your procedure is done and you’ve got that behind you. Snow is Evansville? Didn’t get any here, just rain, so you were the lucky ones. Which pattern did you use for the hat? I’ve been looking at Jacques Cousteau, but I also have the Ann Norling one.

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