Year End Review

So, how did I do on my goal to not buy more yarn and knit more from stash this year? A total fail.

Dec 31st, 2011 Stash Total was: 73,302 yards

Dec 31st 2012 Stash Total is: 72,985 yards

I started off with 404 skeins of yarn

I ended up with 407 skeins of yarn. January, April, and December were not thrifty months!

I knit up 14,000 yards of yarn this year. Last year it was 17,025. I guess I knit mostly small items, because I knit 11 more items this year than last. 53 this year, 42 last year. Well, one wasn’t a knit item, it was a sewn one.

6 of those 53 items stayed in my house for me. The other 47 went out the door! I did better last year! I even made it a goal to knit more for me. What happened? Well, 2 items that are still in their unfinished state are for me. Maybe one day I will complete them? So, for confession, there are three items being carried over into 2013. They just aren’t going to get done. The 3rd is a toddler sweater that just needs a buttonband, but with the crazy day of prep for our annual New Year’s Party, I doubt it will get done today.

I was doing so good on not purchasing for a few months there. And conversely, I sucked at knitting through the summer.

First Knit of the Year?

Hank's Pembroke Vest

Hank’s Pembroke Vest in Cascade 220 Superwash.

Favorite Knit of the Year?

Nimbus Front

I enjoyed the knitting of it. I love the yarn. I love the color. I love the style. To do over I would make a deeper V-neck, but I love it.

My least favorite knit.


This was ripped. It actually sat in it’s unfinished state without a needle in it for months. Hated it. I missed a step in the knitting, but even so, I just hated it. I just ripped it all out last week. Now I have 3 skeins of Misti Alpaca Handpaint to use on something else.

Most appreciated gift?

Griffin's Hat

I can’t say it’s been used, but man was I ever thanked to the max for it. And that was from the Dad!

And the Last Knit of the Year

BIL's feet

My BIL’s Fuzzy Feet. Finally felted them Dec 30th, the day my dryer died! Poor feet, look a little warped. The tops are too wide! Oh well, he will either wear them or not. I may have to redo them. The yarn is Manos, I am not sure if it was the yarn or my mods that made it so bad.

Now on to 2013 and a year of knitting and trying to be better about using up the yarn I have instead of ordering more! I had 17 skeins of yarn in my WEBS basket that I just deleted. I hope I make the same decision the next time I am tempted to buy yarn!

Goals? Sweaters for me. I have too many queued, and not enough to show for the wealth of yarn I have in the stash. How about I endeavor to knit the stash down to the 60,000 yds range? Just somewhere below 70,000 yds!!!


3 thoughts on “Year End Review

  1. You’ve got alot finished for 2012. 🙂

    About the stash…well, I can’t really say anything because as you know, Santa skipped me this year because of it…I do plan to try to use some of it…but you know, there is always an odd skein or two that you’ve got to pick up to go with something.

    I am going to try to crochet more this year and not be so divided in all my hobbies. And I want to make more afghans, doilies…getting back to old school.

    Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year and remember 2013, is the year of Happy!

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