WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

Do I count as a WIP? I am a work in progress, and I have just progressed another year today. Yep, 52 today. Hard to believe I am that age. I don’t think I act or feel my age. No wait, certain parts of my body are feeling the age to the max! But my mind, it refuses to believe it’s been around 52 years. Maybe that will keep me in good stead. Who wants to think old? So far for my birthday I have gotten: PJs, short cowboy boots, dress flats in black, and two pair of jeans. Headed out to dinner tonight with my MIL, nieces, and SILs. Dinner with Hubster and the girls will have to wait.

But, on to the real WIPs, as I am sure you did not come here to see a photo of me in progress!

Decided to cast on a pair of boot cuffs for the Younger, I have got to think of a different nickname for her, she likely does not want to be identified as Younger. OK, Teen Diva shall be her new nickname. Anywho. I grabbed some leftovers of cream wool and will try to use them to make a pair of invertible (new word?) boot cuffs. What do I mean? They can be flipped to wear with the cables showing or just plain ribbing.

Boot Cuffs

Doing them two at a time on a long circ. Just knitting ribbing now until the yarn runs out! Reminds me why I don’t like to knit socks anymore! Too small and fiddly.

An now for an FO, a bonus!

2nd needle case

A 2nd needle case from a Vera Bradley paperback book cover. This one for a friend. The left side has 3 small pockets, about 1″ each and a large pocket, 4″ across, for the cables. The back side, to the right, has 5 pockets, each about 1.5″. I did 7 pockets for mine, each about 1″ across. I wanted to have individual pockets for mine, but find it’s just too much stitching. The larger pockets can hold more than one set of tips. I do find that the US13 needle tips are too long to fit in comfortably.

Closed Case

I didn’t add a button on the front like I did with mine. Not sure I will. I need to snip a bit of the ribbon and then sew it to the back cover. I just need to do it in a nicer manner than mine. So, that’s why I am putting it off. It means snipping the stitching and slipping the ribbon in between the facing and backing of the back before sewing it back up again. Considering I already put the sewing machine away, I am not sure I want to go through the trouble. Since she is under the weather and I likely won’t see her until next week I will sit on it. Who knows, I may get the energy to do it right.

OK, go to Tami’s and see what’s being worked on this week. I am sure there will be some lovely things to delight you!


6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Belated Happy B-Day to you. 🙂

    You’ll believe your age, trust me. My Dad when he was 70 was telling a story about someone in church and said it was one of the old people with gray hair (the man had gray hair himself) He never thought of himself as old…some times he even acted as if he were still a teenager! He’s passed on to Heaven now, and I have a feeling he’s still not acting his age up there either! 🙂

    Love the needle cases, so clever!

    Hugs and blessings always dear friend.

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