Friday the FO

Wow, it’s already Friday again? These weeks are passing fast. Before I know it, my Elder will be graduating from High School!! It’s only 4 months away. Gah, I am not ready for that.

So, this weeks FO is so sweet I could just put icing on it and eat it up! Hopefully the recipient’s mom doesn’t read the blog, or it will not be a surprise when it gets to CA. There is no name for the pattern, other than 0-684, but I am calling it Noelle, after the sweet babe it was made for.

Noelle Done

The yarn is Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, so I had to redo the numbers a bit. Knit the 0/3 month size. But I think it will be roomy enough for a few more months use. I should have put a light colored fabric under the fronts so you could see the lace better. Oh well, it’s still as cute as can be! I cannot get over my love for DB Baby Cash! My stash is seriously getting low, I need to start looking for some deals on eBay.

And also FO this week is the pair of boot cuffs for Teen Diva. She even deigned to model them for me.

Boot Cuffs 1

The pattern is as follows: Worsted weight leftovers, size 6 needle on magic loop two at a time. Cast on 56 sts, knit 5 rows in 4×4 ribbing, on next row CF4 over knit sts, *rib 5 rows, repeat cable row*, repeat from * * 1 more time, (or as many times are you would like). Then continue in 4×4 ribbing for 28 rows, bind off in pattern. I made them with cables and ribbing so she could invert them to show the pattern she prefers that day.  Mine used about 110 yds.

I need to get me some boots like these. I did get some new half boots, love them! Wore them out to dinner Wednesday night. This month I have been spending the money. 4 pair of jeans, 2 pair of shoes, tops, workout gear (for sitting at home, not working out!), and a phone case. I need to stop! I just ordered this last night. I have been looking for a crossbody style bag, and this is perfect. Wish they would stuff it with yarn before they mail it out. LOL!

OK, you know the usual suspects, Wonder’s and Tami’s are the places to be today. Don’t forget to check out the FOs around the blogosphere today.

Prayers for today, will be visiting a Pulmonary Specialist to see if they can determine what is up with my lungs. The issue has been better since my procedure, the day after Christmas. I am thinking the oxygen they had me on might have re-inflated the lung. But who knows. Hopefully the breathing test will tell us something.


6 thoughts on “Friday the FO

  1. The sweater is as cute as can be! I love the boot cuffs even more on than I thought I would.
    I hope everything goes well for you at the doctor today. I’ll be thinking good thoughts.

  2. Very pretty sweater. Chris, I am in the same boat, my eldest is graduating in the spring too. Prayer’s are coming your way. Let us know what you find out!

  3. OMG! Baby girl knits are the absolute best! I FINALLY have a little girl in the group to knit for. The first out of 10. Can you believe? She may get considerably more than the others did. We’ll see if I can control myself.

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