WIP Wednesday

WIP and Goal report

Halfway through the first month of the year and what do I have to show for it? Am I meeting my goals? I really only had two, and they were loose ones at that. 1) Knit up stash 2) Knit sweaters for me.

#1, which is a two fold goal, knit up stash and don’t buy any more! You would think that is one and the same, but really not. If I don’t have the desire to knit, my stash won’t get used up. I want to get under the 60,000 yd range. Of course buying adds to the stash, but not knitting means the stash won’t go down. So how am I doing?

I have knit up 607 yds and I have bought none!!! Even though WEBS tries to tempt me, I have resisted twice now! I do need to buy 4 skeins of yarn to finish up some commitments, but I am OK with that. They are not going to linger in my stash since I need the items by Feb. At this point last year I had purchased 3761 yards and only knit up 1020 yds. I am way ahead of the game as I see it.

2nd goal? Not so good. I have not cast on one sweater for me. I have finished 5 items for other people. I do have a capelet cast on, but that is all, just the CAST ON! I haven’t even knit one round on it. I do plan to knit on that today while at knitting.

In WIP news, this hat is going fast.

Chelsea's Hat

I know, the photo quality sucks! This is what you get when you are in a car, early evening, riding back from an awards luncheon*. This is Brambles, la duexieme. That sounds more exotic than, Brambles, the second.

This is almost exactly like the Brambles, la premiere. The only difference is the Cascade color. But really, how much difference is there between 8010 and 8505? This one will not be blocked as a tam, but more of a slouch. Hoping it slouches a little more than I fear it won’t. I have to make a 3rd of this pattern, Brambles, la troisieme. If la duexieme doesn’t loosen enough I will add additional cable rows to the beginning. La troisieme is for the youngest of the trois, so she would probably like hers much slouchier.

OK, head over to Tami’s to see what works are in progress!

*College stuff, skip if you want

Elder was honored at one of the colleges she is looking at attending. They give Distinguished Scholar Awards to the top students they have admitted into the school. We drove over to Bellarmine on Sunday to attend a luncheon and take a campus tour. In the driving rain! It rained all day. I consoled myself, as we were walking around with umbrellas, avoiding puddles, that it wasn’t snow! It was a lovely event, despite the rain’s attempt to put a damper on things.

Now to prepare for the trip to Monmouth, IL in Feb for their honors program. She has been given a spot on their golf team if she attends there. She has said these honors have shown her how all these years of hard work, and dedication to her grades, pays off. Hopefully, Notre Dame will recognize that spirit and accept her application. The other 7 colleges have replied yes, but ND won’t send out acceptance letters until early April.

Of course, we are wondering how to pay for these “honors”. Most have come with generous offers of scholarship, but that doesn’t subtract well from high priced tuitions! Trusting God shows us which way to go when the time comes. Of her top 4 picks, two are Catholic (ND and Bellarmine), one is Pres (Monmouth in IL), one is Methodist (U Indy, IN). I prefer the Catholic ones, they seem more spiritually based. But then, they are the two I have been along for the campus visits. I may change my mind after going to Monmouth, but I doubt it since it is the furthest away! Prayers for guidance would be greatly appreciated! I can’t believe in less than 8 months from now I will be leaving my girl at a college campus, she has no interest in the two local colleges. Pray for Mom’s nerves! OK, I have rambled enough.


4 thoughts on “WIP and Goal report

  1. The hat looks wonderful and I think you’re doing really well on your goals. You’ll get around to something for yourself soon enough.
    As for the college thing, it is hard. Once your daughter decides which school she wants to attend if it’s the “right” one for her everything will fall into place. My daughter went to the perfect school for her. She made lots of friends, found new interests and got a degree, eventually. It was hard having her away from home but we all adjusted pretty well. Now we’re adjusting to having her home again…

  2. Haha. I love knitter math. Like, buying yarn, doesn’t count as buying yarn as long as it doesn’t reach the stash. LOL.

    The hat looks lovely. I hope you’re able to finish it soon so you can start a sweater for yourself! Selfish knitting, HOORAY!

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