FO Friday and Confession time.

Always so good to finish things. The hat I was working on was quickly finished up this week once I got to the decrease rounds. I could just post a photo of the first one I did, but I won’t cheat that way. I love this pattern. And a good thing, because I have one more to make. At least I will be making the 3rd one in gray, not cream. I also need to make it longer, so it won’t be exactly like the others, right?

Chelsea's Hat 1

Chelsea's Hat 2

So, that goal of not buying yarn? Now, in my defense, it only cost me half of the purchase because I had a gift certificate from my Mom. Anyhoo. So, I did plan on buying 4 skeins of Liberty Wool to make some hats, right? Well, I did buy 4 skeins of Liberty Wool. Just not the 4 skeins of gray wool I needed. I tried, but they didn’t have any gray! What did I do? I bought 4 skeins of a gorgeous orange to purple stripe. Sunrise, what an appropriate name. This may become a Wingspan with modification numbers. I have 488 yds worsted. It calls for 465 yds of fingering. There are notes from others who used worsted to make theirs. I will cull the best info and go from there.

But first, to continue on with the Milkweed Capelet I finally got past the cast on! 17 rows of seed st! Love the color, Regal, adore the yarn! Hoping this goes as quickly as the hat, but I seriously doubt that!

OK, time to make the rounds. Tami’s and Wonder are the places to be. Check them out.


13 thoughts on “FO Friday and Confession time.

  1. Kudos for completing 2 cream hats in a row….hope your able to find the gray your wanting for the 3rd. What fun you’ll have knitting on that Sunrise yarn after the hat knits. Thanks for sharing.

  2. LOL Oh well, you are doing well and that’s all that matters. I have made a pretty good dent in mine with the hats I made so I’m happy too. Can’t wait to see your wingspan!

  3. That’s a great hat. I think I’ve made a couple of those myself, one black and one red. I’m with you on not liking Lady Mary much. She’s a spoiled, narrow minded woman.

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