WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday twofer

When I finished the hat it left me with no current WIP. Oh, I have UFOs, but nothing I want to work on right now. I sometimes wonder if I shouldn’t just take those UFOs off the needles and admit that I am not going to finish them. Maybe then they wouldn’t weigh on my mind. I can think of 5 right off the bat! 4 of which are sweaters I started for me. I suck at finishing sweaters.

Anyhoo, what’s the twofer? With nothing going on I finally cast on for Milkweed. Well, I had cast on the 200+ sts, but nothing more. So, it was time to get going on it. I had 17 rows of seed st over 200+ sts to get through first. Then came the charts, and my total confusion. Oh, I can read charts, but these are so tiny, and some of the symbols do not show well on some of the cables. It finally drove me to create an Excel sheet with color coded cables which I then duplicated on the pattern printout. Now it’s going well, just waiting for the decrease rows to get trickier as they interfere with the cables. But it will all work out. Can’t say i am loving the knitting, but I do want to finish the project, so fingers crossed it doesn’t go the way of the 5 UFOs in my stash.

Milkweed 1

Cascade Lana D’ Oro yarn is soooo luscious.

Now, this is an intense knit. Not the sort to work on in crowds or while watching something on TV you really need to pay attention to. Since I borrowed someone’s Downton Abbey seasons 1 and 2, I kept messing up while watching and knitting on Milkweed. So, what to do.

Well, I did just buy 4 balls of Liberty Wool to use for a Wingspan. Garter St knitting, what better st to mindlessly knit while watching DA! So, I cast on, modifications made for worsted weight yarn and preference for a deeper shawl. And knit merrily away over 6 DVDs. Only, I slightly erred in my changes and the 75 sts still wasn’t giving me a deep enough shawl. So, last night it was all ripped and the reknitting started while watching the 3 new episodes on my computer and phone. Actually, my I-phone works better than my Macbook at streaming video.

Wingspan 1

I was 5 wedges into the project before ripping, using up 2 balls. I am now 1.5 wedges in and almost out of yarn. Methinks I will be returning to the shop for one more ball! This is Sunrise, and the colors are not as vibrant in person. A good thing about the 1st version being ripped out? I found the 2nd ball I used was wound backwards. The color sequence was reversed. Now I will check the subsequent balls to make sure it is in the right order.

Now to get ready to host my knitting friends. We are celebrating January birthdays today at my house. Our favorite restauranteur is catering our lunch. Tuscan Chicken Burgers!!! And then chocolate tier cake. Can’t wait!

And just for fun. I cannot watch this without laughing!! I love it. “Orange Peanut? For me? Wow?”

OK, head over to Tami’s after that bit of frivolity and see what else is in the works this week!


4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday twofer

  1. Huh. I can’t say it’s occurred to me that I could just stop progress on a long impending WIP. I’d try it on one first before I ripped out the lot of them. Then, report back to us on the side effects! 😀

  2. Indeed, sometimes frogging is the best course of action! Your new projects are looking great, though. I’m a big fan of color-coding bonkers cables chart, too – it’s amazing how much faster the knitting goes!

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