WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday Wings and Weeds

Still working on some projects, Wingspan and Milkweed. Wish I could say these are close to finished, but not quite. It will take a big effort to get either one done for a Friday Finish. I will give it the old college try though.

Wingspan is halfway done, I hope. 3rd skein of 4 is joined and I am forging ahead. It will be decided upon completion of the 3rd skein whether I will add 1 or 2 more. I can pick up another skein today since we are knitting at the shop where I purchased the yarn. I am hoping I get to the point of knowing in time to pick it up.

Wingspan 1-26

Still loving the knitting and color changes in this piece.

Milkweed is the other piece that gets worked on. I am getting quicker on the rounds as they are decreased by 8 sts every 6th row. Soon there will be even more sts decreased away every 4 rows! Getting close, but still alot of rows to go. Wondering how to best block this piece when done. I want the lace to pop, but don’t want to flatten out the cables. Will maybe just use my wires to hold the lace taut while allowing the cables to be a little more natural.

Milkweed 2

Milkweed 3

Slipped some paper under the lace so you could see the panel better. To each side of the lace is a left or right twist cable. At each side seam is a braided cable, you can see one on the left side.

Hopefully I won’t come home with a bunch of yarn today. It might be a bad thing to knit in a yarn shop on a regular basis. It would be very bad for the budget I am trying to put myself on. Considering I have an order waiting to submit for WEBS, I might need to wear blinders today. LOL. Waiting to see what yarn color is preferred by the expectant mom of twins. Not sure which gender, so I am thinking I might do them in school colors, she is an assistant principal at the girls’ high school. But that might just be too cliched. What color do you girls think I should use to knit them? I hate pastels, so I would never use those. The school colors are gold and brown, not at all baby colors. And rainbow is not preferred either. I guess I will know in time.

Now it’s time for you to go see what else is being worked on this week. I am sure there are lots of pretty things being created. Tami’s got the scoop!


5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday Wings and Weeds

  1. Everything looks great! I love the colors in your wingspan.
    I knit weekly at either Starbucks or Panera. It’s my waistline that suffers more than my wallet:)
    Did you survive that storms OK? I saw some of the damage in Indiana on CNN. I hope you’re all OK.

  2. I knit a baby blanket for a friend who was then expecting. Didn’t know what gender either, so I used a fresh minty green. She loved it and now her daughter loves it too. Your WIPs look fab..I’m loving that wingspan specially!

  3. Both of your projects are looking Awesome with a capital A! As for knitting in a yarn shop, I can totally relate to the danger. My LYS is only a five minute drive away…I have to take the long way around in order to avoid temptation. Hope you made it through the storm okay.

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