Yeah Me!

I won a giveaway from Michelle’s blog. Love her blog. The prize was the purchase of a pattern of my choice. Yippee!! I have been wanting Diantha, scroll down, for a long time. Even have a skein of yarn I plan to use with it, Frobidden Woolery Lust. Susanna’s patterns are some of my favs, Annis and Caireen are already crossed off my list. And my friend Le Ann’s yarn, scrumptious! She just needs to get back to work after baby. Noelle was made for her new little one.

So, today, I am a happy camper! And I hope to finish Wingspan, which is soooo close! I don’t think I will use all of the 5th skein, will likely finish the wedge I am on and then knit the 4 finishing rows. Hopefully I might have enough of the yarn to make a baby hat?

OK, back to your blog reading. See you tomorrow, IF I get this shawl done in time!


Cat got your tongue?

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