FO Friday

Hat head. Thanks Hubster!

Jerod's Hat 2Jerod's hat 1
Jerod's Hat 3

Liberty Wool is continuing to rock my world. 3rd project done and 4th one, another Brambles, is already started. This gray isn’t the exact shade I wanted, but it will do. This is the same pattern I used for the watchcap for the Israeli Soldier last year. Hm, there’s that hat head again. Very quick and easy and will fit most any size head. I used more than a skein and a half for this. Now I have 2 and a half skeins left to make a slouchy Brambles. I am thinking the Liberty will make a nice Brambles. Or, at least, it IS going to make a Brambles. My 3rd and last one. You do what the masses want. And then I am thinking the black I picked up to add to my leftover 1/2 a skein will make a perfect 3rd watchcap, for the Head of the Household that the three Brambles belong to. My cousin is just as worthy of a hat as his wife and kids and SonIL are. LOL. Now to get the last two hats done before Mom and Dad head out to Ohio to visit the two daughters for their Feb birthdays.

The Wingspan is now halfway, one skein down and one to go. The manager of the shop I am knitting it for, knit a Tie One On sample for the shop I worked at ages ago. I loved that wrap! So, fair is fair, it’s my time to return the favor.


And lastly, before I release you to look at FOs, my lovely Hubster finally came through on the birthday present. OK, so almost a month late, but considering how much effort he went to, he is totally forgiven, and he did warn me there would be a delay in its arrival. He got me the necklace I wanted from the Notre Dame gift shop. Just love it! It has Irish Knots with a ring of Connemara Marble around it. Now, to figure out what to wear tomorrow so I can show it off. Oh wait, I don’t have anywhere to be tomorrow! I may just have to invent a place to be. LOL.

OK, now you can go and see what’s been taken off the needles this week. Tami and Wonderwhy have the scoop.


8 thoughts on “FO Friday

  1. Your new necklace is gorgeous! You may have to knit a new sweater special to go with it so you’ll have to wear it over to the yarn shop to pick out some yarn:)
    The hat is fantastic! I love the way the top looks.

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